Spartak - Zenit. The analysis of the match

6000 spectators. Clearly. 15 degrees. Play time: 94.39 (1st half: 46.01, 2nd half: 48.38).Player of the match: Alexander Pavlenko (Spartacus).Match doubles: 2:0 (Seixas, Endnote).Referees: A. Evstigneev (Queens), Klepikov (Ekaterinburg, Russia), S. Isakov (Nizhny Tagil).Supervisor: V. Butenko (Moscow).Goals: 16-I min Spivak - penalty; 27 min. Pavlenko (rams)Stats: shots 9-8; of these, the target 4-3; free from 4-4; from outside the box 5-4; rod 0-0; rail 0-0; corner 4-6; offsides 3-4; 19 fouls-necesaria: 17 min. Pavlyuchenko ( simulation; 26th min Hovsepyan ( rough game; 39 min. luisГЈo ( rough game; 60-min I Kebe ( rough game; 72 min. Igonin ( rough game; 90-min I Radimov ( - delay the opponent's hands; 90th min Vjestica ( - nudists. POVEDENIYa recepacle of the match, both coaches in varying degrees, recognized the justice of the final result. Sergey Pavlov complained that several of his players fell out of the game.Vlastimil the FORMER head coach of Zenit:? Of course, we in this match wanted to win, but I think a draw is fair to admit.? You dare to release in the second half of the injured Garriga-? The team was moving not as fast as in the previous home game against Rubin. We needed a counter play. Besides Spartak looked stronger than us, and I tried to bolster the forward line.? The middle line of "Zenit" in the second half clearly hooked. Why do you long have they changed?? It was not required. Radimov and Igonin missed most of pre-season training. Obviously, therefore, they do not have enough time to recover after the last match. This pair of linebackers will be able to get through only a practice game.? In the first rounds Zenit played much faster. Why the team is now moving slowly?? It is impossible all the matches on the same level. My players just don't have enough time to recover.Sergey PAVLOV, the head coach of Spartak:? The match with Zenit turned out to be very difficult for us. Perhaps we could win, but the final result is overall natural. As for judging, I just have no words. I'm already tired of talking about it. You all saw.? Why is such an early replacement Baranova?? He entered the game. Besides from the flank Baranov began the attack, which resulted in a goal. Generally we have in this match fell a whole group of players. Of course, the impact of losing Demenko. The other player at his position looks weaker.? In the second half Pavlenko has performed almost all standards. This is an indication of the coach?? He's in this match had a good game. So we said: "Sash, Bay go, go!" Moreover, in the second half we were in a difficult position. Titov during the break complained of a sore knee, Pinheiro ? on the rear surface of the hip.? Why completely dropped out of the game Kalinichenko?? I now it is difficult to understand. Perhaps he is not yet included in the training schedule. His game defies comment.? Are you satisfied with Kovtun?? I guess it looked good, but in the end the Jura and even could become the hero of the match..

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