Marcel Desailly is planning to lead the national team of Ghana

Marcel Desailly is planning to lead the national team of GhanaDefender Chelsea and the France international Marcel Desailly is going to lead the national team of Ghana after completing his active career. "I have a lot of projects in the field of television, radio and other areas," said the native of Ghana, 103 times defending the colors of the French team whose citizen he is, but in the first place is to work as a coach of the national team of Ghana. I want to pass on their experience to young players".34-year-old has been out now a hip injury, did not participate in the last qualifying match for the French team with the Maltese (6:0) in the framework of the Euro 2004. Desailly and miss today's meeting of the European Champions with the Israeli national team, but hopes to enter the field in the next round of the Premier League on Saturday.. . . Читать полностью -->

CSKA - Spartak: analysis of the match

CSKA - Spartak: analysis of the matchIn the bright Derby that was full of emotions and passions, a little stronger than was the army. They celebrated last night the coveted victory.-The history of confrontation between CSKA and Spartak includes many colorful and engraved in his memory matches. Always date these rivals waited with special, extremely anxious feeling. But last year, however, was in many ways a turning point in the relationship of red and white and red and blue. First time players of CSKA has secured the informal status of favorite. Let in Derby winner to predict and sometimes impossible, but still two wins for one of the championship ? the event is significant, something very telling.As favourites CSKA came to yesterday's match. Читать полностью -->

Championship Of France. Sychev contributed to the victory of Marseille

Championship Of France. Sychev contributed to the victory of Marseille1:0 Sychev, 45; 2:0 Van Buyten, 86; 2:1 Bates, 9022:00 Bordeaux - AJ Auxerre 22:00 Le Havre - Ajaccio 22:00 Guingamp - Lance 22:00 Lille - Rennes 22:00 Montpellier - Nantes 22:00 Nice Sedan 22:00 Strasbourg - Lyon 22:00 Trois - Sochaux. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Inter wants to invite Ruben Baraha

Inter wants to invite Ruben BarahaAccording to reports in the Italian press that inter wants to join their team midfielder for Valencia Ruben Baracho, who scored the goals against Milan in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final. In the offseason Hector Cooper is going to reinforce the center of the field, and here Baraja can help the Argentine.It is also reported that in addition to the Spaniard in inter can go Claude Makelele and Simone Perrotta from Chievo."". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Slovakia - Liechtenstein: match report

Slovakia - Liechtenstein: match reportTeam Slovakia significantly increased their chances for the second place in the group after beating Wednesday in Trnava team of Liechtenstein with the score 4:0. Two goals on account of forward the important block" Szilard Nemeth.For the Slovaks this is the second consecutive victory on Saturday they threw away the national team of Macedonia - 2:0. Now the wards Ladislav Uremia with 6 points rank third in the group behind Turkey and England. This game through suspension missed striker Robert Vittek, but Vladimir Janocko, captain Miroslav Karhan and Szilard Nemeth, left on the field after injury, played perfectly.If Saturday against England in Vaduz Liechtenstein played decently, giving - 0:2, then this time the strength and skill of the players, a tiny Principality clearly not enough. The team, composed mostly of bankers, electricians, students and winemakers, never managed to create a serious threat to the goal of the Slovak Keeper Koenig. Guests had to confine myself to a few harmless blows with sharp corners, but challenges the goalkeeper was rarely tested.Despite a sluggish start, the Slovaks in the 18th minute opened the scoring. Читать полностью -->

Shinnik - Dynamo. The analysis of the match

Shinnik - Dynamo. The analysis of the matchAs a result of zero confrontation in Yaroslavl "the garden" team Alexander Pobedilovo remained fifth match in a row without a win, and "Dinamo" lost again scheduled points.Detached from all earthly things look Viktor Prokopenko after the match is best characterized as a game, and the result for his team. The distance of fifty meters from the locker room to journalists he did almost a minute ? probably picked up the words which you can define the encounter with the natives. In the eyes of those who follow him down a narrow corridor Alexander Pobedilovo also read helplessness at this moment: "What else should I do to finally win?!" Later the coach of the owners will open a new football word: Badalova. "Badalova with elements of football, in his view, was happening on the field.Arena where the match took place, does not stand up to scrutiny. Although Prokopenko then will notice that the owners were easier to adjust to it, this is debatable. Читать полностью -->

Chernyshov wants to support Kebe

Chernyshov wants to support Kebe"Many people attach too much importance to the defeat in a friendly game against FC torpedo-metallurg" and, in particular, the fact that Kebe wore the captain's armband. We just wanted to support the Legionnaire, who is bad enough to live in a foreign country. And we don't want to do Kebe team captain". So the head coach of "Spartak" Andrey Chernyshov responded to one of the topical issues related to the future of the team.At the same time, communicating with fans on the official website of red-and-white, head coach of "Spartak" reported that the club wants to strengthen the team est one striker, the search continues. In addition, Chernyshov noticed that would be glad to return from "Wings of the Soviets" Dmitry Kudryashov. However, this depends on the decision of the leadership of the Samara club: will there be cuts to redeem the transfer of the player or not.Regarding their autonomy in making decisions mentor 9-fold Champions of Russia said: "Neither the purchase shall take place without my knowledge, but there is a Council that makes decisions. Читать полностью -->

Real Leopard

Real LeopardIf we all played football for prizes and places in the standings, the transformation of the favorite Hobbies of the planet in the likeness of computer games would have happened much earlier period, which already comes with the inevitability of sunrise (or better to say - pass) of the sun. But exceptions occur. Barcelona have lost almost all tournament incentives (except for the nasty - save from relegation, which, however, still seems unreal), had a brilliant match in the main lair of the enemy on the Madrid stadium Santiago Bernabeu. The draw has been more like a gift for the leader of the championship of Spain than evidence of the competitiveness of its rival, lagging in table 24(!) points.For the whole match never remembered that rack up not playing Saviola. And it's not bad for the Argentine. Just became this season one of the team leaders 'Rabbit' blue garnet found something to compete with the 'real'. Читать полностью -->

Ilya Bliznyuk: Winning The Russian Cup? Quite really

Ilya Bliznyuk: Winning The Russian Cup? Quite really- Rostov - only club until losing in the championship single match. The club, which last year - albeit under a different name - barely survived in the Premier League. What is the secret of metamorphosis? - question Ilya Bliznyuk.- Coaches have managed to emancipate the team, to tell us that we can do many things. And we believed in ourselves. This is, perhaps, one of the main factors of success.- And when, in your opinion, came the turning point in the mood?- In Khimki, where we held the Cup quarter-finals. The field was unimportant, the conditions of the match - complex, the opponent is extremely motivated. Читать полностью -->

After beating Panathinaikos coach, he resigned

After beating Panathinaikos coach, he resignedUruguayan coach of the Greek Panathinaikos Sergio Markarian resigned last night, after the team was attacked by furious fans. They not only beat machine and glass, and hit both the coach and several players and injured two police officers. Forces detained 30 people.The cause of an outbreak of indignation fans was the loss 0:3 against headed by Oleg Protasov Olympiacos. Before the last round both teams have 67 points, but Olympiacos takes the first place in the table for the best in personal meetings with Panathinaikos.. . . Читать полностью -->

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