In England we are going to consider the appeal of Bosnia

In England we are going to consider the appeal of BosniaThursday, 3 July, the football Association of England will consider the appeal of the Australian goalkeeper Mark Bosnich, which challenged the decision of the English Chelsea to break contract with him. On Wednesday told the British press.Last year, 31-year-old goalkeeper was accused of cocaine use. In this regard, the London team at the time was made by Bosnich, decided to abandon his services and unilaterally terminated the agreement. The leadership of the English Premier League has recognized the competent decision Chelsea and, plus, disqualified the Australian on 9 months.However, Bosnich felt that he was unjustly dismissed from the team, where he received about 200 thousand dollars a month, and submitted a protest to the appeals Committee of the English Premier League. The main argument of Bosnia is the assertion that in "history of Coca," he's just a victim of circumstances.Disqualification of Bonica expires in September 2003. If the appeal of a football player is granted, the former goalkeeper of "Manchester United" will be able to return to Chelsea, where at one time and could not gain a foothold in the first team after losing the fight for the number one position in the Italian Carlo Cudicini.. Читать полностью -->

Espanyol are interested in Contreras

Espanyol are interested in ContrerasAccording to the Spanish newspaper "Mark", "Espanol" expressed interest in the services of goalkeeper "Malaga" Pedro Contreras. Note that the contract Contreras against Malaga expires this summer, and while the probability that he will extend his contract with the Andalusian club is quite small. However, the cost of this player is very high, so that the Catalan club in this regard will not be easy. In addition, in the present moment, "Hispaniola", there is another problem - the struggle for survival among the elite of Spanish football. As for "Malaga", this command is now fighting for a place in UEFA zone.. . Читать полностью -->

The ruby. Kazan does not forget the lessons Lobanovskiy

The ruby. Kazan does not forget the lessons LobanovskiySuch debutants in the Russian elite League was not yet. Kazan beginner surprised at a time, starting preparation for the season with what was created by AMG. Without comprehensive scientific groups at the time I didn't do neither one collection of great teams Valery Lobanovsky, who trailed the rest. But then science in football to respect stopped. And here Rubin decided to revive the tradition: the sensors on the body of the players, the counters in the hands of the representative of the AMG's, a couple of computers and other purchased club equipment for a few thousand dollars - agree, not every club will see.Further - more. Читать полностью -->

RAF demanded the postponement of the match Georgia - Russia

RAF demanded the postponement of the match Georgia - RussiaThe Russian football Union in the person of its Secretary-General Vladimir Radionov appealed to UEFA to postpone scheduled for April 30 qualifying match of Euro 2004 between Georgia and Russia on a neutral field. "After what we saw in the match Georgia - Ireland, I have no doubt that the local police is in control of the situation," he said in an interview with TV channel ORT. "There is no guarantee that something similar, or worse, won't happen again". Recall that during the match Georgia - Ireland stands to the side of an Irish player was thrown penknife.. . . Читать полностью -->

Deportivo is considering acquisition Deco

Deportivo is considering acquisition DecoSpanish Deportivo for the past few seasons is closely monitoring the midfielder Porto Deco. However, despite this, the case before the transfer has not yet reached. As you know, Deck recently received Portuguese citizenship and many teams in addition to Deportivo interested in this player and would like to see it in its ranks.Currently, the leadership of the Galician club is considering selling one of their players for the further acquisition of the Deck. Thus, the transition Deck in Deportivo will be possible if the President of Galicians Augusto cГsar Lendoiro goodbye to one of their stars. Also the possibility of exchange with Porto one of the players "Deportivo" in order to lower the cost of this transfer.Among the main rivals Deportivo for the Deck are two Italian super giant, AC Milan and Juventus.Note that "Port" requires the player a hefty 20 million euros. It is clear that for Deportivo such conditions are not quite satisfied. Читать полностью -->

In Germany revealed a refereeing conspiracy

In Germany revealed a refereeing conspiracyIn sports, including football, they say, "no place like home," to win over the opponent. To this now, you can add not only walls, but also by the arbitrators. At least it may be said regarding the game of millions in Germany. "Given the arbitrators preference to teams Housewives field is massive and unjust character," according to a published in the newspaper "Di Zeit" study of two Austrian scientists.Matthias Sutter and Martin Kocher, of the University of Innsbruck analyzed on this subject all the games of the Bundesliga in the season 2000/2001. It was found that the arbitrators appointed over a long period of extra time, when the host club lost. In addition, in favor of the players-owners were appointed bigger amount of the penalty. Читать полностью -->

Roma - Lazio: after the match

Roma - Lazio: after the matchYesterday at the Stadio Olimpico" held the second semifinal match of the Cup of Italy between the two Metropolitan teams, Roma and Lazio, which ended 1-0 in favor of the "blood-yellow". Thus, in the finals of the competition will meet AC Milan, who beat Perduto" with a total score of 2-1, and Roma, who have achieved similar success with the score 3-1.The President of "Roma" Franco Sensi was very pleased that, despite a bad season in Serie a, the team still managed to reach the final of the Coppa Italia."This epilogue was quite deserved my great team this season and only did that hurt. But make no mistake, next season this treatment we will not tolerate," said Sensi.The head coach of Lazio Roberto Mancini applauds his team for a good game, but gets upset about the fact that failed to reach the final."The team played well, but I'm disappointed that at this crucial moment, the team failed to convert their chances. There is no doubt that we played better, "Roma", but we failed to score. Then we conceded a goal on their own stupidity, and that was it. Difficult times for our goalkeepers? I would not say. Читать полностью -->

Alexander Lvov: hands off Dynamo!

Alexander Lvov: hands off Dynamo!On Wednesday, the press attache of FC "Dynamo" Alexander Lvov on the official website of the club made a statement regarding the so-called "business Alenicheva":"In today's issue of the newspaper "Soviet sport", in the article "Where did all the money "Roma" for Dmitry Alenicheva?", with reference to ITAR-TASS says that if I made a statement that a criminal prosecution case against the General Director and chief accountant of FC "Dynamo" Yuri Zavarzina and Paul Panasenko. It's official -- I did not say that. Indeed, last night a gentleman Zotov, presented by the correspondent of TASS and at the same time an ardent fan of "Dynamo", in a telephone conversation trying to figure out the details of the events related to the so-called "deed of sale "Spartacus" D. Alenicheva Italian Roma".I advised him to look through the Newspapers, where, like everyone else, have been published on this subject information. However, just half an hour over the signature of Mr. Zotov and unknown to me Mr. Читать полностью -->

The rotor ? Torpedo-Metallurg. Before the match

The rotor ? Torpedo-Metallurg. Before the matchThursday Rotor sat in quarantine at their base, where he spent training directly to the match against FC torpedo-metallurg". Simplifies the task of the trainers that injured players in the squad now. On Wednesday, the team was presented with another mentor ? former forward Rotor Alexander Nikitin. It will help Vladimir Faizulin. It is possible that Nikitin will work directly with the attackers of the team.On the eve of leaving in Volgograd Metalurh conducted a short charges at the base in Myachkovo. Читать полностью -->

Rostov. Cossack ambitions plus African passion

Rostov. Cossack ambitions plus African passionThe rise of the "growth" in the second place - surprise: such energy from renamed in the offseason teams who waited. Don Golf club in winter were not fancy loud transfers, such as those that carried Samara, Kazan, St. Petersburg. And, of course, Moscow.In a huge city with a rich football tradition relatively long worked to create a team able to represent the region in Russia. Recent success has been a surge of "Rostselmash", created by Sergey Andreyev in the mid-90s. Читать полностью -->

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