The Signori remains in Bologna

The Signori remains in BolognaGiuseppe della Signoria refused major contract that was offered him one of Qatari clubs and will remain at Bologna, to help her in the next season to qualify for European cups, according to Soccerage."Signori told us that remains," said club President Renato Cipollini. - We will meet in the coming days, and he will sign a one-year contract".. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Vieri: I did not specifically

Vieri: I did not specificallyToday inter striker and national team of Italy's Christian Vieri visited Paolo Maldini, which he broke his nose in a hot Derby on Saturday, April 12."Yesterday I visited the home of Paolo," says Vieri at the meeting of the Assembly of the Professional Footballers of Italy. "Between us did not have any grievances or disputes. This is due to the fact that the punch I nants him, was absolutely neumiller. Insert it happened in the heat of battle, when no one wanted to give up. But to me the TSA's still a pity that the TSA happened. I think it is better in such cases to understand and to Express it to each other".. Читать полностью -->

The mini. The Championship Of Russia

The mini. The Championship Of RussiaIFC SARATOV - CASPIAN- 1:2 (1:0).Goals: Sekachev, 3 (1:0), Hajiyev, 27 (1:1 ), Zamanov, 34 (1:2).DINAMO - SPARTAK Shelkovo- 3:3 (1:1).Goals: Joan, 16 (1:0), Korotkov, 16 (1:1), Gorobets, 21 (1:2), Tkachuk, 26 (1:3) , Majewski, 33 (2:3), Moskalenko, 36 (3:3).NORILSK NICKEL IS POLIGRAN-VNUKOVO- 8:4 (5:3).Goals: Alekseev, 1 (0:1), King, 5 (1:1), Gavrilov, 5 (1:2), King, 6 (2:2), Gavrilov, 10 (2:3) Sucko, 11 (3:3), Succo, 12 (4:3), King, 20 (5:3), Ivanov, 24 (6:3), Levus, 28 (6:4), Nikolaev, 33 (7:4), Ivanov, 40 (8:4).Adalt Tupitsyn ("poligran-Vnukovo"), after the final whistle for arguing with the referee.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Draws Switzerland and Albania in favor of Russia

Draws Switzerland and Albania in favor of RussiaToday was held the next meeting of the qualifying round of the European championship in 2004. Ended the match in eighth and tenth groups.No surprises meetings in the eighth group to no avail. Goalless draw between the teams of Estonia and Bulgaria brings each team one point, and Croatia win over Andorra 2:0 allows the Croats to point to overtake in the group of Belgians.Even more strange is the situation in the tenth, which were recorded two draws. The match with the national team of Georgia, who in Tbilisi the Swiss team, ended with a score of 0:0, as well as the match between Albania and Ireland.This, in turn, means that the defeat of the Russian team from the team of Albania did not lead to "disaster", and it is safe to say that both draws on the hands of the Russian team. In case of success in the next match with Georgia, the Russian team will again reach the first position in the 10 group.Qualifying round of the European Championship 2004.Group 8Estonia - Bulgaria - 0:0Croatia - Andorra - 2:0Goals: RapaiД‡ 11`(pen); RapaiД‡ 34`.Group 10Georgia - Switzerland - 0:0Albania - Ireland - 0:0. . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Russia. The announcement of the 14-round

The Championship Of Russia. The announcement of the 14-roundJune 22-23 in the championship of Russia on football will take place on 14-th round. The main event should be a Moscow Derby Lokomotiv - Dinamo.The game will take place on the field of railway workers, in all likelihood, on Monday. Beginning at 18.00 GMT. The meeting will be extremely important for both teams, and not only because it is a basic duel countrymen. The Dynamo need the points to close the gap on the League leaders CSKA and Lokomotiv is high time to get out of the middle of the standings. Читать полностью -->

Hive: Everton can consider the season a success if will overtake us

Hive: Everton can consider the season a success if will overtake usAccording to the Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier, Everton could be considered a successful season in the event that if in the final table of the championship of England will take place above his team. Two teams from Liverpool will meet on Saturday in 168-m Merseyside Derby, both tended to fourth loss in Porto will help the place that currently takes Chelsea. Everton behind the London club at 4 points, and Liverpool on 5 points: "Their task was to finish in front of us," said Houllier. - We have several different objectives.The last time Everton was able to overtake Liverpool in the table in 1987, when he became champion, and in the last nine Derby celebrated the victory in just one day.. . . Читать полностью -->

Maminov without fracture

Maminov without fractureMidfielder of "Locomotive" Vladimir Maminov, who was injured in Sunday's game with Rostov, which was one of the best in the hosts, was held yesterday at the Australian open. X-rays showed that as a result of too rigid (Maminov he could not leave the field) rolled Shirshov bases in the 57th minute of the bone was not affected. Diagnosis: damaged ligaments of the ankle joint of the right leg. While doctors "Locomotive" in no hurry to predict return to action after midfielder of the national team of Uzbekistan.. . . Читать полностью -->

CSKA players will go to their national teams

CSKA players will go to their national teamsCSKA midfielder Jiri Jarosik has been called up to the Czech national team for a friendly match against Turkey, which will be held April 30. In addition, the army club came invitations Lisense from Latvia, Semberas - from Lithuania, Heinrich - from Uzbekistan (he can play as for the Olympics, and for the first team) and defender of the Ukrainian youth team Shershun.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Torpedo will play against the champion of San Marino

Torpedo will play against the champion of San MarinoIn the first round of the UEFA Cup torpedo Moscow will play against the champion of San Marino club "Domagnano".. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The English Premier League. Leeds has made Manchester United the champion

The English Premier League. Leeds has made Manchester United the champion0:1 Kewell, 5; 1:1 Henry, 30; 1:2 HART,49; 2:2 Bergkamp, 63; 2:3 Viduka, 88. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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