Yuri Zavarzin: I Hope on our next match against CSKA will be sold out

Yuri Zavarzin: I Hope on our next match against CSKA will be sold outWinter football club "Dynamo" has moved to a new office and is now in the building of the Russian Council of the eponymous company. General Director Yuri Zavarzin now conducts business meetings in the spacious, newly renovated office. There Monday afternoon and took our conversation.- After three rounds Dynamo is lossless. Expected that the championship will start so well?- I was not surprised. Also in the team, and around it are professionals who know what to do. Serious attitude to work must give the result - otherwise there is no need to address it. Читать полностью -->

In a friendly match against Libya Bielsa called Spaniards 12

In a friendly match against Libya Bielsa called Spaniards 12The national team of Argentina on the 30th of April is going to hold a friendly match against Libya. In this regard, the head coach of the Argentine Marcelo Bielsa called for the match 12 players playing in the Spanish League. Among them, of course, Santiago Solari, Juan Roman Riquelme, Javier Saviola and Esteban Cambiasso.The full list of players includes the following names and clubs:Pablo Cavallero (Celta), Leonardo Franco (Mallorca), Fabrizio Kolochchini (Atletico), Facundo Quiroga (sporting), Gabriel Heinze (PSG), Diego Placente (Leverkusen), Leonel Skalon, Aldo user (Deportivo), Esteban Cambiasso, Santiago Solari (real Madrid), Luciano Galletti (Zaragoza), Juan Roman Riquelme, Javier Saviola, Juan Pablo Sorin (Barcelona), Pablo Aimar (Valencia), Lucas, Castroman (Lazio), Marcelo Gallardo (Monaco), Bernardo Romeo (Hamburg).. . . . Читать полностью -->

The issue of champion of Spain became open again

The issue of champion of Spain became open again"Real Madrid playing against Barcelona, I thought only about what principled opponent to lose in any case it is impossible and that in the middle of this week he will return leg against Manchester United. That it can practically catch up "Deportivo" and "real Sociedad" he obviously thought otherwise would have played to win Barcelona. In vain he's dismissive attitude to its main competitors. After the 30th round of the issue of the champion of the country once again became open. "Real Sociedad" not left any stone unturned in the "Rayo Vallecano". The entire first half peplum horsing around, having scored only added to the first half minute of the meeting time. Читать полностью -->

Dmitry Alenichev - champion of Portugal

Dmitry Alenichev - champion of PortugalTeam Dmitry Alenicheva - Porto won the League title in Portugal. After yesterday's victory over the "Santa Clara" with the score 5:0 lead "Port" from the nearest pursuer - Benfica reached 14 points. Thus, the title white-blue has secured four rounds before the end of the championship.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Spartak will face new things Alenicheva

Spartak will face new things AlenichevaThe President of Spartak Andrew Chervichenko, commenting on the situation with the so-called "business Alenicheva, stated that it is possible to repeat a similar situation, but in respect of transfers of other players. "If that happens, I wouldn't be surprised," he said in an interview with Itogi magazine. - If I at least saw movement on the account, a contractual framework that time, I could predict what we can expect. But this documentation, we have no"."Since 2000, we have all the financial statements is literally from scratch. So I can't judge the period of five-six years ago, when I was not involved in any financial transactions "Spartacus," said Chervichenko.. . Читать полностью -->

Raul can go to Manchester

Raul can go to ManchesterStriker of real Madrid's Raul Gonzalez can spend the next two seasons at Manchester United". Such transfer was reported by one of the Spanish channels. According to this publication, the signing of the contract with Dejudom Beckham and Carlos Carosel happened simultaneously - June 17. And then sir Alex Ferguson as compensation for the loss of two members of the club with "old Trafford" demanded the best striker in the Champions League.However, such information is sharply at odds with the words of the President of real Madrid, Jorge Valdano, claiming that the agreement with Karusel was signed on 23 June.. . . Читать полностью -->

Shatalov: Rebels in Vladikavkaz no

Shatalov: Rebels in Vladikavkaz noAs stated in yesterday's press conference, the President of FC "Spartak-Alania" Mikhail Shatalov, all messages will acknowledge that rebellion within the team are not true. According to him, leading players red-yellow Ashvetia and Menteshashvili have missed the previous game with Chornomorets because of injuries, but the exact explanation for the absence in Novorossiysk captain and veteran team Bagaeva the President of the club was unable to give. Special attention Shatalov was paid to the financial condition of Spartak-Alania". He promised that the price for tickets will continue to grow due to the increase in the cost of the team, due to the high tournament situation, even though the leadership of "Spartak-Alania" still expects to raise money for the transition to other clubs Omari Tetradze and Gamboled Bazayeva. "Their transfer documents have been forged," said Shatalov. Among the positive aspects of the activities of the club Mikhail Shatalov said the focus on "Spartak-Alania" football functionaries from Spain, which represent the Madrid clubs real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. Читать полностью -->

Vladimir Shevchuk: Team possible to help and from the second tier

Vladimir Shevchuk: Team possible to help and from the second tier- Saratov team you took, in fact, in haste, succeeding Leonid Tkachenko at the start of the championship after two rounds. Three years ago, you are in a similar situation headed "Saturn", changing Vladimir Yurina in the course fees, shortly before the start of the championship. Is this fate is to start work this way? - the question of Vladimir Shevchuk.- I really hope not. Believe that such a fire variant will be the second, and last in my life, is inherent to the new head coach of "Falcon" sense of humor he has clearly not changed.- And when to start the main work was harder then, in the suburbs, or now, in Saratov?- Now. Then before the first official match there were two gathering and a half months of work. Now the pregame gathering will begin immediately after the conversation with you (the conversation took place on Saturday evening. Читать полностью -->

The passion in the UEFA zone

The passion in the UEFA zoneOnly 4 of the club from 8 countries with the best ratings in European competition, secured a place in the UEFA Cup next season. Those who are a window to Europe still need to break through, much more .In all 8 countries winner of the national Cup automatically enters the second continental tournament. This right already used Trabzonspor, in the final of the Cup Turkey won "genГ§lerbirliДџi" (3:1). 3 more of their club Cup was not won, but benefited from another rule. It reads: "If one of the finalists of the country became eligible to participate in the Champions League, the UEFA Cup, regardless of the result, receives the second finalist".So, in the FA Cup final Arsenal's Dating Southampton. But Arsenal next season already guaranteed a place in the group stage of the Champions League, so the "saints" of Gordon Strachan can easily prepare for the start in the UEFA Cup. Читать полностью -->

Motto Beckham: never say never

Motto Beckham: never say neverThe English midfielder Manchester United David Beckham did not rule out the prospect of a move to real Madrid following the motto - "never say never". Like saying star "Manchester" was followed 24 hours later after the coach of Manchester United, sir Alex Ferguson said Beckham, as well as the potential of the inter players Ryan Giggs by the end of the season may leave the club. By the way, David and did not hide that prefer to play the "Royal" club close to mega-stars."Any player wishing to take part in the most famous club, near strong players. Undoubtedly, "Manchester United is a great team, in which there are outstanding players. For the last eight or nine years we have won many titles, both in England and in Europe. Of course, real Madrid also has a terrific story, and it includes always been the players of the first magnitude. Читать полностью -->

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