The seaman had greeted the Arsenal and England

The seaman had greeted the Arsenal and EnglandFamous English goalkeeper David seaman received two unpleasant news. First, the main England Manager Sven-RAS Eriksson has not caused Seaman on friendlies with teams of South Africa and Serbia and Montenegro. And the next day the coach of Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has notified the veteran that the club is not going to sign a new contract with the veteran.Thus, the final match of the FA Cup against Southampton" can become for 39-year-old Seaman last in his career. If the position of the Arsenal does not change, long-guardian of the gates of the England team will finish playing. By the way, the case of a Seaman is not the only example of how "Arsenal" is not quite beautifully parted with their famous veterans. In last year's "gone" multi-year team captain Tony Adams, and a little before the team was expelled predecessor and partner of Seaman John Lukic. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Russia. Broadcast June 22

The Championship Of Russia. Broadcast June 2218:00 CSKA Moscow - Torpedo:05 Spartak-Alania - aralan. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Claudio Lopez is thinking about leaving Lazio

Claudio Lopez is thinking about leaving LazioOne of the best scorers in Serie a Claudio Lopez, has in the asset 13 goals, maybe soon to leave Lazio and return to Valencia, for which the Argentine performed in the period from 1996 to 2000, however, and the English "Manchester United are eyeing to the attacker. The fact that "sky blue", mired in debt, still have not paid Lopez payable under the contract, agreeing with him that will let him go, if that will be followed by an advantageous offer. The recent meeting of the representative footballer Fernando Hidalgo and sports Director of "Lazio" Oreste, Cinquini only adopted an opinion about a summer transition Claudio Lopez, nicknamed "the flea". Valencia still have not received the full amount of the transfer for the transfer in its ranks Gaiski of Mendieta, so the transition of the Argentinian could cover a large part of the debt of the Italians in front of their Spanish colleagues.However, never ceases to attend to driving forward the English club Manchester Unated" headed by sir Alex Ferguson. The British have already made it clear that if the price for a striker is not so high, they agree to buy Claudio Lopez.. . Читать полностью -->

The Ukrainian team will play two friendly matches with the Israelis

The Ukrainian team will play two friendly matches with the IsraelisUkrainian players will play two friendly matches against the Israeli national team, said "sports news Agency. The Israeli President of the football Federation Gavri Levi, who was vacationing in Kiev, everything finally agreed with their Ukrainian colleagues. The football team of Ukraine will arrive in Israel in September and will play twice with the Israelis at the stadium in Ramat Gan.. . . . Читать полностью -->

To pay off debts, Leeds sell and bridges

To pay off debts, Leeds sell and bridgesIt is expected that "Leeds" to accept the offer from Newcastle on the sale of striker Michael bridges. Former football player, "Sunderland" belongs to a group of players that Bobby Robson would very much like to see the members of his team. "Leeds" ready to sacrifice bridges, in order to repay 80 million debt.According to The Sunday Mirror, the former youth team footballer England is going to cost to "Newcastle" 1 million pounds. The transition could take place in June.. . . Читать полностью -->

Schmeichel intends to return to old Trafford

Schmeichel intends to return to old Trafford39-year-old Danish goalkeeper Manchester city Peter Schmeichel, may 11, finishing his glorious football career going after a short respite to return to the game as a coach. And in the end he puts the return to "Manchester United" in a new capacity. "In the summer I intend to have a good rest, but then I'll be back. Still, I had something to learn from Alex Ferguson, Kevin Keegan and Morten Olsen," said the veteran.. . . Читать полностью -->

Cooper: we've got everything but a goal is scored

Cooper: we've got everything but a goal is scoredInter coach" Hector Cooper said after the first semifinal of the Champions League with AC Milan that he, like his colleague Carlo Ancelotti, quite pleased with the result (0:0)."I liked the way it looked, our team in the first half. We got during this period, but to score a goal. - said the coach. - In the second half was dominated by Milan, but I think the result was fair. We believe that it will be able to win the match".. . Читать полностью -->

Faceless draw in Luzhniki

Faceless draw in LuzhnikiMatch "torpedo" against "Wings of the Soviets" in the Luzhniki stadium was extremely dull and drab in content. The players moved the ball and often beat from a distance. There was none of the teams and the charge to fight. The torpedo went into the game in a few new lineup, leaving the stock of your main Libero of Lokhvitsa. Responsibilities cleaner this time performed Bugaev, and Samuseva personally played against the only Samara striker of Poskus. It seems that the "Wings" are experiencing serious difficulties with the position of the goalkeeper. Читать полностью -->

The English Premier League. MJ broke Charlton

The English Premier League. MJ broke Charlton1:0 Beckham, 11; 1:1 Jensen, 13; 2:1 van Nistelrooy, 31; 3:1 van Nistelrooy, 37; 4:1 van Nistelrooy, 53 1:0 Allbeck, 80 1:0 Duff, 11; 1:1 comes, 54 1:0 Di Canio, 71 1:0 baroЕЎ, 59; 1:1 Anelka, 74 pen.; 1:2 Anelka, 90 1:0 Christie, 25; 2:0 Paulista, 26; 3:0 German, 28; 4:0., 51; 4:1 Redknapp, 60; 5:1., 75 1:0 Viana, 42 1:0 Stubb, an own goal 34; 2:0 Wright, 43 autogol:30 Southampton - Bolton. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Davids waiting at inter?

Davids waiting at inter?The main event of the upcoming weekend in the Apennines will be the Milan Derby between the eponymous team and their sworn enemies of the "inter". Team Hector Cooper, including its leading scorer Christian Vieri, intend to take revenge for the defeat in the first round with the score 0:1. In that game the best scorer of Serie a, on whose account 24 goals already, haven't used favorable chances to score, missing the empty goal and now he promised to reform."Having won an important victory over Valencia in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, we added his confidence, " said Vieri. - Of course, I'm glad I managed to score the only goal, but, more importantly, inter won. Now we focus on the Milan Derby, where you will see what Vieri. It will be aimed at the gate and show a great desire to win the battle.In addition, from the camp of "inter" doing the rumors about the imminent departure of the team's defender Fabio Cannavaro, who, after his move from Parma" not able to return to his usual level. Читать полностью -->

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