Turkmen national team refused to go to Malaysia

Turkmen national team refused to go to MalaysiaThe leadership of the football Federation of Turkmenistan decided not to send their Olympic team qualifier in Malaysia due to the outbreak of the SARS virus. "We don't want to endanger the lives of our players," said the General Secretary of the Turkmen Federation Allaberdy the mamedquliyev. According to him, already sent the appropriate paper in FIFA.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Real Madrid - team Galicia: the game is in solidarity

Real Madrid - team Galicia: the game is in solidaritySo today is the much-awaited match of real Madrid with the national team of Galicia "Xuntos por Galicia" in aid of the victim from the sinking of the tanker "Prestige" of the province of Galicia. Vicente Del Bosque will announce the list of players who will participate in this game after this morning's workout, and coaches "salty" and "Deportivo" (players from these clubs and team is composed of Galicia) has published the entry list for this match.Only in the national team of Galicia 22 players, 11 from each club. In General dogovorennosti the team will be formed thus: 6 players Deportivo and five players "salty" in the first half, and five players of Deportivo and 6 players "salty" in the second half (or Vice versa).From "Bouncing Back: Cavaliero, Coir, Sergio, Berizzo, Juanfran, Luxen, Wagner, Pavement, Miro, Catania, Gustavo Lopez.From Deportivo: Molina, Manuel Pablo, Cesar, Donato, Romero (or Capdevila), Mauro Silva (or user), Fran, Valeron, Victor, Mackay, Tristan (or Luke).Captain Galicia in the first half will be Francisco Fran, the second - Pablo Coir.Head coach of "salty" Miguel angel Lotina said that "the reason the game deserves to professionals showed in Madrid quite a sight. Over time, this tragedy has already been forgotten by some people, but this match is to remind that the problem continues to exist."The head coach of Deportivo Javier Irureta expressed the view that today's game - "this is a praiseworthy intention" and that today in Madrid "expected an interesting spectacle. We will confront the current leader of La Liga, so this game will be a joy for all. Itert, it is a good intention. Читать полностью -->

Lippi says bad shape real

Lippi says bad shape realThe main Juventus coach Marcello Lippi said that the shocking defeat of real Madrid with the score from 1-5 "Mallorca" proves that the club of Madrid is not in the best shape on the eve of the semifinal Champions League match at the stadium "Bernabeu". Despite that Lippi has warned his players that should not in no case to tune in to what the upcoming match will be easy."The defeat of the "real" proves that the team is in bad shape, as neither team is in good shape not allow themselves to lose with a score of 1-5. But we must not have any illusions on this score. On Tuesday we will have a difficult fight. Anyone who thinks that it is possible to make inferences on the basis of the result of the last game, "real", very wrong, and to us, by the way, is also true," said Lippi.In the match with real Madrid, will not participate Paolo Montero, Edgar Davids and Alessio Tacchinardi. They might replace mark Juliano, Igor Tudor and Antonio Conte.. Читать полностью -->

Spartak will play friendly matches with torpedo-metallurg and Dynamo

Spartak will play friendly matches with torpedo-metallurg and DynamoDecided opponents of "Spartacus" in the friendlies in the coming between circles. on 3 July at the stadium named after Igor Netto red-white will take the "torpedo-metallurg" and 6 July - Moscow "Dynamo".At the last moment broke transition in "Spartacus" one of the best Czech hitters 19-year-old Vaclav Sverkos. Forward Ostrava Banik and youth national team, scoring 14 goals in last national championship, signed 4-year contract with VfL Borussia mГ¶nchengladbach.Earlier chose to pursue a career again in the German Bundesliga, Stuttgart, Hungary striker Imre SABIC who is also interested in Spartak.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Fired coach Atalanta

Fired coach AtalantaGiovanni Vavassori dismissed from his post as head coach of Serie a "Atalanta" in connection with a series of unsuccessful matches, the official UEFA website.This decision was taken after the defeat from Perugia last Saturday 0:1, which the team dropped into the relegation zone. Atalanta took 4th place at the end, trailing "Regina", which occupies the 15th place 1 point.Vavassori led Atalanta BC during the 4 seasons, and before that was the coach of the youth team in "Bergamo". It is expected that the new coach will be Giancarlo Finardi, who now works in "Atalanta" with young people.Having worked in "Atalanta" one season Vavassori led the club to Serie a next season in the company of the strongest team finished in 7th place, and in 2001-2002 8. the decision of the club President Ivan Ruggeri was a surprise to many, no one expected that Vavassori, at the time acting in "Atalanta" in the position of a defensive midfielder, will lose his post.. . . Читать полностью -->

Comments players Spartacus to the situation with Romancemy

Comments players Spartacus to the situation with RomancemyAfter the match Spartak - Saturn-REN TV", which ended with the victory of the Russian club with a minimum score of 1:0, winners on the backburner. As reported Р РўР -РЎРїРѕСЂС‚.Ru all were interested in the opinion of the players 9-times Russian champion on the conflict between the club President Andrew Chervichenko and head coach Oleg Romancemy."Yes, we're aware of the situation, but we do not want to discuss it," said defender "red and white" Maxim Demenko. - The only thing I can say that all of this leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. But the match with the "Saturn" we came out with a fighting mood, moved well, had chances to score but were unable to use them".Another defender of "Spartacus" Yuri Kovtun was terse, noticing that they had heard about the press conference of the President of the club, but the question is how he responded, retorted: "No way".Further to the journalists left the assistant Oleg Romantsev, Sergey Pavlov, who was asked to comment on the statement Chervichenko that the coaching staff Spartak should be at full strength to leave the club at the end of the first round of the championship: "We are law-abiding citizens, we have contracts, so we'll follow them. We will remain in charge of the team in the second round? I don't know, it all depends on the management decisions.As for the match with "Saturn", in General, liked the performance of our players, the guys tried. In addition, we could not in the situation to play carelessly, because we have fans who care about the fate of the team. Читать полностью -->

Ray Parlor: all in the hands of Arsenal

Ray Parlor: all in the hands of ArsenalThe Arsenal man ray Parlor said that despite the success of "Manchester United", who was able to catch up with Arsenal in the title race, the fate of the first place is in the hands of his club. He believes that Londoners are able to win the remaining 4 matches of the Premier League and for the second year in a row to win the gold medal.Such confidence he inspires the result of the match with the important block", which ended with the victory of "Arsenal" with the score 2:0. Meanwhile, the meeting does not seem like a cakewalk. Home team Steve McLaren is a formidable force in the course of the season, Boro beat in his field "Manchester United", "Newcastle", "Chelsea"."We are not worried about the "Manchester" and what's he going to do, " says the Parlor. - If we win all the matches, I think that we will win in the championship."". . Читать полностью -->

Roma - Milan: evaluation of players

Roma - Milan: evaluation of playersLa Gazzetta dello Sport Dida 6, ЕЎimiД‡ 5.5, Nesta 7, Laursen 6, Maldini 6, Kaladze 5.5, Brokk 6.5, Redondo 5.5, Ambrosini 6, dalla bona, 6, Rui Costa 6.5, Shevchenko 5, Inzaghi 6, Tomasson 6.5 Tuttosport Dida 7, ЕЎimiД‡ 5.5, Nesta 7, Laursen b.about., Maldini 6, Kaladze 5, Brokk 6, Redondo 4.5, Ambrosini 6, dalla bona, 6, Rui Costa 6.5, Inzaghi 6, Tomasson 6 Corriere Della Sera Dida 5.5, ЕЎimiД‡ 5, Nesta 6, Laursen 5.5, Maldini 5, Kaladze 5, Brokk 6, Redondo 5, Ambrosini 5.5, dalla bona, 6, Rui Costa 5.5, Shevchenko 6, Inzaghi b.about., Tomasson 6 Dida La Repubblica 6, ЕЎimiД‡ 5, Nesta 6.5, Laursen 5.5, Maldini 5.5, Kaladze 5.5, Brokk 6, Redondo 5.5, Ambrosini 6, dalla bona, 6, Rui Costa 6.5, Shevchenko 5, Inzaghi 5.5, Tomasson 6 Il Giornale Dida 6.5, ЕЎimiД‡ 5, Nesta 7, Laursen b.about., Maldini 6, Kaladze 5.5, Brokk 6, Redondo 6, Ambrosini 6.5, dalla bona, b.about., Rui Costa 6, Shevchenko 5, Inzaghi b.about., Tomasson 6. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Morrati set a condition Cooper: the Champions League final

Morrati set a condition Cooper: the Champions League finalThe President of inter Massimo Moratti said that Hector Cooper should take the team to the Champions League final, if he wants to keep his job. In the semi-final inter will play against AC Milan. The last match between these teams ended with the victory of the "red-black".Moratti said: "I had no contact with other coaches, because still haven't talked to Cooper after a draw 1:1 with Lazio. The President also stressed that under the contract, the Argentine still has to pay off a few years, when the club achieved good results. However, a win over AC Milan would mean a lot. "For a club like ours, the need to win," - said Moratti.. Читать полностью -->

The Spanish League: match results

The Spanish League: match resultsAlaves - Barcelona 0:0 Betis - Espanyol 1:1 goals: Fernando, 34 Tomoro, alladale - Atletico Madrid 3:1 goals: Fernando sales, 30, 74; AGANA, 50 - Jose Marie, washing - Valencia 2:1 goals: Bodipo, 10, 25 - Rufete, wallarea - Malaga 0:0. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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