Krylya Sovetov - Rubin: statistics of the match

Krylya Sovetov - Rubin: statistics of the matchKrylya Sovetov 0 ruby 0 Judge: Shaveyko (Moscow)Stadium: Metallurgical Tips: Andrew Chichkin, Eugene Bushmanov, Karen Dokhoyan, Patrick Ovie, Gustavo Lillo, Anton Bober, Denis Kovba (Sergey Vinogradov, 75), Andrei Karyaka, Andrey Tikhonov, josГ Ivanildo de Souza (Dmitry Kudryashov, 35), Botelho Houseruling: Sergey Kozko, Calisto, Jiri Novotny, Leandro Samarani, Andrea Scotti, Mikhail Sinev, Ntuthuko Macbeth-Mao, Sibaya, Denis Boyarintsev, Andrey Konovalov, tomГЎЕЎ ДЌГ­Еѕek, Roni. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Berezutski want to win in Tbilisi

Berezutski want to win in TbilisiAnton Ragoczy is invoked for the first time in the national team, Viktor Onopko it is already an old-timer. 20-year-old brothers Berezutski Aleksei and Vasili cannot be attributed neither to the one nor the other. Before that, both were at the training camp before the match with Albania, and therefore cannot be considered as absolute beginners.Conducted interview collections showed that the twin brothers is not easy to distinguish from each other. In order not to create difficulties themselves, they call Berezutski just - Brother.? It's normal, " said Vasily. - It's easier and more convenient. Will not be the same in the game to look different, to correctly pronounce the name!Meeting with Albanian brothers are evaluated differently. Читать полностью -->

Gazzaev: about Gattuso hear for the first time

Gazzaev: about Gattuso hear for the first timeIn an interview with TV channel "Culture" coach Valery Gazzaev has denied reports that CSKA can appear midfielder Milan's Gennaro Gattuso. According to him, the army would really like to buy some players to strengthen the team, but about the version with Italian he hears for the first time.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Gunel inclined to consider the actions of the English fans as provocation

Gunel inclined to consider the actions of the English fans as provocationThe head coach of the Turkish national team Еџenol Gunel said that the English fans provoked the Turkish players, when, during the national anthem of Turkey, burst onto the field and was booed by the Turks.Recall that these events occurred during yesterday's qualifying match of Euro 2004 qualifier between England and Turkey in Sunderland."Provoked us, but I don't want to talk about this anymore," he said, Gunel news Agency Ankara."We wanted to see a more relaxed match in the home of football. But I hope officials will investigate the case and punish the guilty," continued the coach.Most stadiums in Turkey have a high lattice enclosing the tribunes of the field. Nevertheless, objects flying at the field from the stands crotch players and police.Gunel noticed that he and his players were angry disrespect of the national anthem. "It shows that countries that are considered to be civilized, even more behind in cultural development," sharply said the coach of the Turks.The British will meet with the Turks again in October, and the defender Fatih Akyel said that they should not expect a very warm welcome.. . . Читать полностью -->

Shinnik - locomotive: match review

Shinnik - locomotive: match reviewIn the first match of Sunday's third round of the Russian Premier League met ambitious "Shinnik" and while that started poorly this season Lokomotiv Moscow. The game started quite vividly with mutual attacks from both teams. From time to time of the attack as "Shinnik", and railway workers were not fraught with real threats until the 36th minute of the match midfielder Yaroslavtsev Martin Kushev not ventured far shot. The ball is sent from 26 yards flew over the head of goalkeeper "Loco" of Plato Zakharchuk."Shinnik" led, but such developments naturally not satisfied with the Champions of the country, and they went forward. Despite this, all of their attacks have had the final phase, since the hosts are very well built their defensive redoubts. When the score was 1-0 in favor of "Shinnik" the team went on hiatus.In the second half both teams are conducted with multiple substitutions, in particular the owners appears Kuchinov, and the railroad instead of the young striker Ovchinnikov out Julio Cesar. Читать полностью -->

Semak will give fans an example of gentlemanly behavior

Semak will give fans an example of gentlemanly behaviorCSKA captain Sergei Semak noted that in the upcoming game players, it will be important to abide by a gentleman's code of conduct.? Of course, the fight against "Spartak" will be fundamental for us, here and have nothing to hide, ? says Semak. ? If you take the statistics of relations between the clubs, the red - whites have the advantage. However, last year we performed in-person meetings more successful. Given these factors, it is impossible to name the favourites in this match, neither us nor the Spartacists.? Army compilations headed by Valeriy Gazzaev after the defeat of the Albanians certainly go into the game with Spartak not in the best mental condition? The outcome of the match in Shkodra really upset us. But we will not let the game affect Sunday's confrontation. You can in fact look at the Albanian failure on the other hand: she instilled in us the passion, awaken the desire to be rehabilitated. Читать полностью -->

500 fans Lazio and Roma staged in Rome protest

500 fans Lazio and Roma staged in Rome protestAbout 500 fans Lazio staged a demonstration outside a prison in Rome, protesting against the arrest of 12 fans of the team, reports AP. They rioted after the test match Lazio-Juventus in August last year. The demonstrators came out with posters "is to Blame for 30 people and 10 000". That is how much "ultras" group has support Lazio. Striking is the fact that joined the procession and the fans, "Roma", which usually are not able to communicate properly with the fans, "Lazio". On Friday appointed a bigger share.. Читать полностью -->

Laurent ready to sign with Arsenal 10-year contract

Laurent ready to sign with Arsenal 10-year contractThe Arsenal defender Laurent Bisan-Etame said he wants to sign with the club a 10-year contract. Laurent, who is now 26 years old, ready for the rest of his career at the London club."I really like Arsenal. There's some kind of unique atmosphere, and in terms of organization Affairs Arsenal are the first club in the world. I would like to play on this team. At first I had a hard time in the new team, and my wife really missed Spain. But then, we adapted and in London, and in the club, we have a lot of friends here, and I'm ready even now to sign with Arsenal a ten-year contract". Читать полностью -->

The Rangers found a replacement for Kanije

The Rangers found a replacement for KanijeAfter the end of the season "Glasgow Rangers" leave two strikers veteran Claudio Canidia and Dane Michael Mols. The club Manager Alex McLeish already found a partial replacement is a young Turkish striker Ardisa Alfalfa. In addition to his "Rangers" may appear defender of Saliou Lassissi from the ivory Coast. And his chances were much higher after the break with Roma he became a free agent and will go Scot free.It is expected that the 24-year-old defensive player who can play in the "Fiorentina" and "Parma", will join the leader of the Scottish championship this week. However, so far only in order to demonstrate their skills in training.. . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Russia. Broadcast June 27-29

The Championship Of Russia. Broadcast June 27-2918:55 torpedo - Wings Sovetov:30 Spartacus - Chernomorets:00 Rubin - Lokomotiv:10 Rotor - Rostov:40 Shinnik - Spartak-Alania:00 Zenit - CSKA:00 Dinamo - Saturn-REN TV 3:00 Uralan - torpedo-metallurg. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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