CSKA Moscow - Rostov: after the match

CSKA Moscow - Rostov: after the match"Rostov" in Moscow was able to defeat the leader of the national championship CSKA. The only goal in this meeting, graceful parachute spent striker of the team from the banks of the don the gift Kampamba. However, the team of Valery Gazzaev can be blamed for the defeat not only forward from the distant Zambia, but CSKA captain Sergei Semak, even when the score was 0:0 failed to convert a penalty kick.Perhaps that is why the main army coach Valery Gazzaev at the end of the match was not eager to share their impressions about the game, thinking it better to fork out and pay the fine for failure to appear at a press conference than wag their so ruffled nerves within ninety minutes of the meeting with Rostov nerves.Instead Gazzaev heavy burden "to look into the eyes of journalists" took his assistant Nicholas Lett. However, he did so quite rapidly, albeit politely, accompanied by his appearances in the phrase "Congratulations, "growth" with the win, and his team with a bad game". Then coach of CSKA hastily retreated.In turn, the guest coach - the head coach of "Rostov" Sergei Balakhnin at a press event naturally appeared. But, apparently, and he all his nervous energy left at the edge of the field, so too have tried to get rid of "duty" with the words: "We built the game on defense, knowing that the opponent knows how to attack. But despite special attention to the protection, we sought to victory. I think, in the match against CSKA our team won fairly."".

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