Ruby - Aralan. Before the match

Ruby - Aralan. Before the matchIn the "ruby" after the match with Zenit has another injured defender Calixto, damaged in collision with Spivak's leg. The team trains in Kazan, and both of the stadium club on the reconstruction. The Central arena set new mast lighting, and "Ruby" are reconstructed dressing rooms. Home matches in the summer in Kazan will be scheduled on two arenas. The same game with "Uralanom" to be held at the Central stadium of the city.Although Uralan occupies the last place in the standings, despondency in the team is not felt. Under the leadership of head coach Igor Shalimov held two full workout. A little more than the load was among those players who, relatively speaking, are under the basis of: Adzhindzhal, Bochkov, Vasilikon, Ulumdzhiev, Gapon. At the last class sistency much emphasis on the development of the standard provisions and attack. Uralan least scored, so this factor disturbs the coaching staff. Still separated from the main group is engaged in the Italian Dal Canto, which makes Jogging around the field. Yesterday he and his team flew to Kazan. Sistency hope to stop a series of failures in this match.After the game against Rubin Shalimov will disband the team for three days. April 27, players will gather in Elista and will begin preparations for the home game against Dynamo.Estimated costoverruns: Kozko Scotty, Sinev, Nowotny, Kharlamov - Samarani, Konovalov, Finch, Boyarintsev, Sharonov - Roni.Uralan: Filimonov - Marcio, Kuzmin, Tsallagov, Kolodin - Passoni, Bochkov, Side, Lopez - Ospeshinski, Lovchev.on April 23. 18.00.Kazan. Central stadium Rubin / Uralan Previous game: bilobalide home defeat In the Premier League is not lost / Last away win: 08.05.03 "Alania" - 3:travmirovanny: Calixto, Michkov / Dal Canto, Nicasia A. Kolobov (Moscow)Intragastrically two teams led by coaches making their debut in the Premier League. But if Berdyev and have the score, and the game, Shalimov trouble with the first. The team has not won a single victory. Will fail if sad lot in Kazan?Direct rackerby BERDYEV, head coach of Rubin:? We already dubbed almost Champions. But still did very little. We are at the beginning and there is no end. But young players, reading about yourself enthusiastic notes already feel like stars.Sebastian MORCIO, the defender of "Uralan":? We play very well, no one behind on the game, even surpassed some of the commands. However, no points, and we're at the end of the standings. Soon a series of failures must end. I hope that this will happen in Kazan in the match against Rubin. This will help us to feel more confident in psychological terms..

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