Vladimir Shevchuk: Team possible to help and from the second tier

Vladimir Shevchuk: Team possible to help and from the second tier- Saratov team you took, in fact, in haste, succeeding Leonid Tkachenko at the start of the championship after two rounds. Three years ago, you are in a similar situation headed "Saturn", changing Vladimir Yurina in the course fees, shortly before the start of the championship. Is this fate is to start work this way? - the question of Vladimir Shevchuk.- I really hope not. Believe that such a fire variant will be the second, and last in my life, is inherent to the new head coach of "Falcon" sense of humor he has clearly not changed.- And when to start the main work was harder then, in the suburbs, or now, in Saratov?- Now. Then before the first official match there were two gathering and a half months of work. Now the pregame gathering will begin immediately after the conversation with you (the conversation took place on Saturday evening. - Approx AA), and before my debut will remain for two days. Well, if before the match with Lipetsk metallurg will have time to talk tete-a-tete with each of the players and his assistants. The lineup for the first game will determine together. Too little time I spent with the team, to better understand its capabilities.- In "Saturn" you've spent eight years and have gone from second coach to chief. "Falcon" is the first experience of independent work on a new place. What do you feel?- 'm worried. Normal people worry when you start something new. I'm the normal one. And then when the coach has no emotions and he has nothing to prove, the work is meaningless, vapid.- And you have something to prove and to whom?- Yes.- You are the coach. In late April, the national team will play in Georgia, and the "Falcon" in these terms should conduct home matches vs Spartak of Nalchik and Terek. How do you intend to solve the problem of their departures in the national team camp?- While absent in the team will not. There is an option that can go into it in the fall, but the next three games with Georgia, Ireland and Switzerland - I'll have to miss. That will return "Falcon" in the Premier League, and then I will return to the team as a full time employee. Alas, the calendar of the first division with the schedule of the national teams did not match. What he thinks about Valery Gazzaev?- His position on this issue Valery Georgievich and leaders of the RFU will bring to the press themselves. I personally continue to be considered a part of the staff of the national team. We will be in constant communication, and I will try to help teams. I, for example, to monitor young players playing in the first division. I'm sure I could bring some benefit to the RFU.- Did you discuss this sensitive issue with their employers in the club? Naturally. They, of course, an important result of "Falcon". Therefore, after receiving a proposal from Saratov, I immediately met with or and Lukmanovym.- You take the "Falcon" in the course of the championship. For the season you team is not prepared, the composition is not picked up. Meanwhile, the task facing the team, very difficult - it is necessary to return to the elite in one season. A natural reaction of the coach in this situation is to specify that when a possible misfire.- I think this kind of talk triple incorrect. First, my predecessor - qualified. He trained the team, and to say that now I'm not willing to take responsibility for the results, is to cast doubt on the labour colleagues. In football anything can happen, and it just so happened that Tkachenko had to leave the Falcon. I earlier had to leave Saturn. Is a life coach. It always fired. However, it is best when it happens later rather than sooner.- And secondly, thirdly?- I knew where I was going to work. In Saratov want to go back a year to the Premier League and are doing it a lot. To me the situation in "the Falcon" is reminiscent of the situation in Saturn, when I began to work independently in this club. The Affairs of both teams engaged in a higher field guide, which hurts good football. In this situation you just have to work and not think about the possible misfires, looking for excuses. And last, to say that I was not gathered the players in the team, is to offend them. Presented today at the Falcon players - for me the best and most talented. Us to work with them and work together to win. If someone will criticize, it is only in the locker room and in the analysis of the game.- Saturn, when you worked there as head coach, different vitality and excellent physical training. "Falcon" is now also will play in a similar manner?- Betray their principles is not intended.Andrey ANFINOGENOV.

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