Iker Casillas: I was very angry at myself, passing the ball from Voronin

Iker Casillas: I was very angry at myself, passing the ball from VoroninOffhand can't remember when a young madrider conceded two goals in one game in the national team Jersey. In Kiev it happened. Of course, Iker Casillas after the match were in a pretty dark place. But upon returning home, still shared their experiences with the correspondent AS.- Now tell me, Iker, what actually happened in the opening match?- Fully admitted his mistake in the episode, when the hosts opened the scoring. I wasn't able to push off from the lawn and to interrupt the transmission of Shevchenko. May have misunderstood each other with mГ­chel Salgado... I was very saddened by this goal, I was beside myself with anger... there Was a feeling that because of this unfortunate ball three points can swim out from under our nose. But we arrived in Kiev to win. So very glad that in the end everything ended more or less problem for us. I will try to forget this game... You blame for the goal Voronin himself only. But Michel Salgado was able to play solid to insure you...- Michel not to blame. This goal is on my conscience. I had to interrupt the chamber Shevchenko...- recently Casillas in goal the team is indispensable. Is that good or bad?- I am not sinless. But I like to go on the field every game. Although there are both positive aspects and negative. I was, am and will be your greatest critic. If I bring a team - never try to hide behind someone else's back. Blame - whether good answer for that. But I also am convinced that no teams and players who are never wrong. This is nonsense.- After the match at Olympic stadium went from partners?- What, I'm not in this band. We spoke with you face to face with mГ­chel Salgado and, I think we understand each other.- That said iГ±aki sГЎez?- Asked to meet the working rhythm and already mentally moved on to the match with the Armenians. People who love me, of course, worried... But sГЎez - not the person who is throwing his accusations. He thinks much more global categories.- You could oppose the strike, after which in the net and the Spanish national team flew the second goal?- Honestly, I don't know. A shot from the Ukrainians turned out to be just crazy. Ten such "bursts" are effective in the best case, you may find one. Alas, the opponent all turned out in the best possible way.- Nervous before Armenia?- I hardly anyone will say I can afford to go to the game not concentrated. My thoughts are always about winning. So it will be Wednesday. If the coach trust....

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