Henri agree to a draw with the Red devils

Henri agree to a draw with the Red devilsWaited for this day, without exaggeration, the whole of England. Today at Highbury will converge main contenders for the title: the London "Arsenal" and "Manchester United". Before the game, with striker Arsenal Thierry Henry was interviewed by the correspondent of "l'equipe".? Could you share your impressions of the match Manchester United to real Madrid?? I think that if they resisted the wall, they'd managed to beat. So that evening to keep attacking the rush of the Royal club, would need two teams. "Real" is real, and that's it. No other team can't play 90 minutes at this level. By the way, this is the only quarter-final, which I bothered to look. And judging by the reviews of the other matches, I made the right choice.? This game helped you identify weaknesses in your main rival in the Premier League?? No. When Figo, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Ziza, and Makelele are at this level, about the game rival real Madrid is nothing particular to say. Even if it is the "Manchester".? Match with the "Red devils" will be the determining factor in the fight for the title. This season this is the third meeting of the gunners with "MU". What outcome would satisfy you personally?? Obviously, the interest in this match is largely determined by the position in the standings. Our games with Manchester United never caused in England this resonance, like, say, meeting those of Manchester United with Liverpool. But now we are talking about the fight for the victory in the Premier League. As for this particular match, draw me upset.? Nevertheless, after a spectacular victory at Manchester United in Newcastle (6:2. - Approx. ed, you're not ahead of Manchester United to three points. Isn't that obliges you to win at Highbury?? Honestly, the game that you're talking about, I wasn't looking: just at this time was taking a shower after a workout. But do not forget that Arsenal have another meeting in reserve. And if we win, we will again lead the standings. Our destiny depends on us.? The defeat against Manchester United in the first leg 0:2 must have left a bad taste?? Yes and no. I'm not sold out one-on-one with Barthez and failed to properly dispose of Paz Pires. For me, this game became a match of missed opportunities. Fortunately, the result of the meeting in the Cup (2:0. - Approx. ed.) has rescued us from the "MU". I think at home we'll show what I can do.? Frankly, this season Arsenal looks at home is not very convincing. Just one win in six matches of the Champions League, labored points in the final minutes in the Premier League games - How do you explain this paradox?? We have difficulty with meetings with teams acting on defense. For example, with Ajax. Indeed, this season we have often been successful, that is, "to the teeth". "MU", by the way, it is also true. You know, it's incredibly difficult after games such as Valencia, again to take the field and win, and not somebody, and Everton. Vieira then we helped a lot. I have to admit that last season victories, indeed, given us much easier.? Why?? I wouldn't even take last season for the sample. Then we jumped in over my head, broke almost all club records. We scored in every match and not lost on the road. Moreover, we were able to win the "dry" and in Liverpool, and Newcastle, and Manchester. This season manages every few decades. Although I must say that this year we don't look out the whipping boys.? With 19 goals scored this season in the Premier League, you continue to be a real contender for the Golden boot-up? This helped me that I never for this year was not seriously injured. I am very sensitive to their health and has learned to go in peak form at the right time.? Arsenal continues to fight for the second double in a row. This topic as been discussed in the team?? We are talking about. In the history of English football no one has yet managed to win both the championship and the Cup two seasons in a row. The closer the finish line, the more you remember about it. The last matches will be the most difficult for us. Let me remind you that Liverpool and Manchester United were on the verge of this achievement. Probably only a tremendous nervous tension can be explained sensational defeat of the "Red devils" from "Wimbledon" in the final of the Cup 15 years ago. We are now under the same pressure.? Victory on the domestic front, it is probably not going to be able to sweeten the pot from failures in the Champions League? We started for the health, and finish. Influenced, perhaps, the fact that this team, in fact, only two years. In this respect it is very important that in the next season of serious human pietrasik not expected.? You was able to sign a contract with real Madrid, regularly winning in the Champions League? I would like to win the League with the gunners. Here I found everything I need, first and foremost, peace of mind.Cifri matches held between Arsenal and Manchester United in all competitions.

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