Alexander Lvov: hands off Dynamo!

Alexander Lvov: hands off Dynamo!On Wednesday, the press attache of FC "Dynamo" Alexander Lvov on the official website of the club made a statement regarding the so-called "business Alenicheva":"In today's issue of the newspaper "Soviet sport", in the article "Where did all the money "Roma" for Dmitry Alenicheva?", with reference to ITAR-TASS says that if I made a statement that a criminal prosecution case against the General Director and chief accountant of FC "Dynamo" Yuri Zavarzina and Paul Panasenko. It's official -- I did not say that. Indeed, last night a gentleman Zotov, presented by the correspondent of TASS and at the same time an ardent fan of "Dynamo", in a telephone conversation trying to figure out the details of the events related to the so-called "deed of sale "Spartacus" D. Alenicheva Italian Roma".I advised him to look through the Newspapers, where, like everyone else, have been published on this subject information. However, just half an hour over the signature of Mr. Zotov and unknown to me Mr. Ovsienko channels ITAR-TASS was the note, and then used in its publication "Soviet sport". On hearing this, I immediately contacted commissioning editor Vladimir Kuchko, which stated that the works of the masters Zotov and Ovsienko - malicious fiction, which I regard as outright provocations aimed to cast a shadow on the management of FC "Dynamo". To its credit, managing editor V. Kuchko, he instantly figured out in this unpleasant situation, reported that immediately invalidates ljutomeru (which was done), and also apologized. Unfortunately, the message was received in the newspaper "Soviet sport" too late - the room was already signed in print and delusions gentlemen from ITAR-TASS got on this page the daily edition.Probably shouldn't be given all that has happened so much attention, if not one smacks of bad circumstance - work masters Zotov and Ovsienko looks like a very primitive "paid services", the aim of which is any way to try to attract to the situation of "business Alenicheva manual Dynamo club. Here the question arises - who is the customer?".The press attache of FC "Dynamo" Alexander Lvov..

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