CSKA - Spartak: analysis of the match

CSKA - Spartak: analysis of the matchIn the bright Derby that was full of emotions and passions, a little stronger than was the army. They celebrated last night the coveted victory.-The history of confrontation between CSKA and Spartak includes many colorful and engraved in his memory matches. Always date these rivals waited with special, extremely anxious feeling. But last year, however, was in many ways a turning point in the relationship of red and white and red and blue. First time players of CSKA has secured the informal status of favorite. Let in Derby winner to predict and sometimes impossible, but still two wins for one of the championship ? the event is significant, something very telling.As favourites CSKA came to yesterday's match. Teamwork, long bench, more physically powerful players ? these are all the cards were in the deck Gazzaev, not red.But - it is Necessary to know the nature of steering "Spartacus" to understand how he handled last year's defeat against CSKA. Yes, in print, he repeatedly said: "Let the other coaches first win 9 Championships, and then we will compare". But with all this, of course, defeat, which caused last year Spartak, CSKA, hard to forget.Until the 28th minute rivals do not have a single shot on target each other. But the tension is reached before the game, never for a moment left the arena bowl in Petrovsky Park. CSKA have had no hint of the great advantage which we have teams in the memorable April meeting last year, when she on all counts smashed red and white ? 3:0. The army continues to be operated in harsh and aggressive manner, but Spartak bent the line ? classic drawing game execution squads Romantsev was seen clearly.Perhaps this was influenced by the fact that the head coach of "Spartak" to the limit saturated secondary axis, releasing mainly consisting of only one pure striker ? Pavlyuchenko. From the depths of his well backed Kalinichenko and Titov. And last, badly missed scoring seven and a half months of inactivity, showed that not lost any of the skills and finishing. This is captain red and white proved twice: first mentioned the 28th minute when only excellent response Mandrykin saved the army from the true goal, then ? 5 minutes later when goalkeeper red and blue already was powerless to save the situation.The army of branded football is also not refused. No wonder the main sharpness at the gates of Bugs were created after the execution of CSKA standard provisions. However, we cannot say that the red and blue completely outplayed their opponents on the second floor. To change the situation in the second half of the meeting, ward Gazzaev had radically to improve.The army has really improved and really scored. And then followed by forty minutes, included all that is possible. There was a disallowed goal against Popov, for which the army staged a filibuster side judge, and an own goal ? tried the Berezutski brothers, one of them lost the ball in midfield, and the second clipped it into his own goal and a penalty implemented by Rolan Gusev a La the match "Spartak" ? CSKA in the first round last season. And ? as usual Derby ? enchanting isolation when Jarosik, lost the acquisition of red and white, in the last minute scored the winning goal that made exult three-quarters of Dynamo stadium (that was the ratio of CSKA and Spartak in the stands).11 CSKA players as if by order staged a dance near the club's bench. That's really the plot, decent camera lenses: the triumph and some other bitter disappointment. So in fact Derby-Derby, which, by the way, sometimes it is not without its paradoxes. Spartak played yesterday in General stronger than he was expected. CSKA, on the contrary, was not his best match. And the result, as some like to say coaches on the scoreboard.90 minutes 4-I. GUSEV takes the corner, SEMAK wins the fight in the air and knocks the ball towards goal. POPOV pulled out from behind the defenders, but in the fight for the ball collides with the Bugs.18-I. GUSEV takes the corner, KUSOV a header and the ball is out of an empty net knocks Titov.22-I. Pavlenko, knocking the ball to the corner, just does not cut it in his own net.30-I. Smirnov from the right flank makes the transfer to the bottom in the center of the penalty, Titov shot but] the time to react to a strike into the bottom corner.33-I. Kalinichenko with a penalty corner hit the far from MANDRYKIN angle. The goalkeeper reacts to the shot, but the rebound first Titov which lightly sends the ball into the corner of the goal - 0:1.49-I. After a corner in the performance GUSEVA the ball bounces to the SEMAK. The left leg breaks Bugs - 1:1.53. GUSEV shoots into the box on the right, and POPOV head hammering the ball into the near corner. However, the judge commits an offside position.57-I. Pavlyuchenko from the corner flag shoots into the box. Already in the goalkeeper V. BEREZUTSKI cut the ball into his own goal - 1:2.68-I. GOGNIEV from the left flank makes a strong pass to the goalkeeper. Bugs not fixed the ball, and SEMAK nearly killing him in the gate.72. Smirnov passes into the box Titov - captain of Spartak has an effort over the bar from a good position.77. After hitting KIRICHENKO in the confrontation between DANNY and Abramidze last fouls. The judge shows on the 11-meter mark. GUSEV has precisely 2:2.90-I. JAROSIK, having received the transfer of the depth of field, from outside the penalty area misses the target. The ball ricocheted off the defender red-white enters the goal - 3:2.Statistically - Spartacus 3:2 (0:1)CSKA:] - 6,5; V. Berezutski - 4,5; A. Berezutski - 4,5; Shershun - 5,0; rahimić - 6,0; laizāns - 5,5 (Yanovsky, 79 - b/o); Jarosik - 7,0; Gusev - 6,0; Kusov - 5,0 (Gogniev, 46 - 5,5); Semak - 6,5; Popov - 6,0 (Kirichenko, 67 - 5,art: Bugs - 5,5; Luizao - 6,0; Pinheiro - 6,0; Vashchuk - 5,5; Demenko - 6,0 (Abramidze, 66 - 5,0); Pavlenko - 5,5 (Robert, 78 - b/o); Kalinichenko - 5,5 (Pestryakov, 55 - 5,0); Smirnov - 6,0; Baranov - 5,5; Titov - 6,5; Pavlyuchenko - 6,06 April.

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