Slovakia - Liechtenstein: match report

Slovakia - Liechtenstein: match reportTeam Slovakia significantly increased their chances for the second place in the group after beating Wednesday in Trnava team of Liechtenstein with the score 4:0. Two goals on account of forward the important block" Szilard Nemeth.For the Slovaks this is the second consecutive victory on Saturday they threw away the national team of Macedonia - 2:0. Now the wards Ladislav Uremia with 6 points rank third in the group behind Turkey and England. This game through suspension missed striker Robert Vittek, but Vladimir Janocko, captain Miroslav Karhan and Szilard Nemeth, left on the field after injury, played perfectly.If Saturday against England in Vaduz Liechtenstein played decently, giving - 0:2, then this time the strength and skill of the players, a tiny Principality clearly not enough. The team, composed mostly of bankers, electricians, students and winemakers, never managed to create a serious threat to the goal of the Slovak Keeper Koenig. Guests had to confine myself to a few harmless blows with sharp corners, but challenges the goalkeeper was rarely tested.Despite a sluggish start, the Slovaks in the 18th minute opened the scoring. Did it forward Lubos Reiter, shutting accurate canopy player with Austria Wien, Janocko in the center of the penalty.However, if the Slovaks thought now goals will fall, as from a horn of plenty, they were wrong. Guests were able to gather, and to the end of the half, the score remained unchanged.Apparently, during the break, Uremic found the right words, because in the second half, the Slovaks appeared much more organized team. In addition, instead of Josef Cosley came Nemeth, who doubled the score with a strong kick in the 51st minute.After this moment of Liechtenstein did not have any chance. Just 10 minutes later the same Nemeth, this season has attracted attention of the game for the important block", rounded out the verified transmission Karhana and made the score 3:0.And although at this point it was clear to team Slovakia decided not to stop there, and in stoppage time, Janocko scored against Peter Yale fourth goal..

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