Shinnik - Dynamo. The analysis of the match

Shinnik - Dynamo. The analysis of the matchAs a result of zero confrontation in Yaroslavl "the garden" team Alexander Pobedilovo remained fifth match in a row without a win, and "Dinamo" lost again scheduled points.Detached from all earthly things look Viktor Prokopenko after the match is best characterized as a game, and the result for his team. The distance of fifty meters from the locker room to journalists he did almost a minute ? probably picked up the words which you can define the encounter with the natives. In the eyes of those who follow him down a narrow corridor Alexander Pobedilovo also read helplessness at this moment: "What else should I do to finally win?!" Later the coach of the owners will open a new football word: Badalova. "Badalova with elements of football, in his view, was happening on the field.Arena where the match took place, does not stand up to scrutiny. Although Prokopenko then will notice that the owners were easier to adjust to it, this is debatable. When after a pass five metres of the ball is Bouncing around like a scalded cat, to predict the rebound will not be able Zidane himself. To the credit of the players of both teams, they were able to create from time to time the sharpness in front of goal. Someone stumbled and missed the opponent on impact position is illogical bounced the ball ? and get a powerful shot into the crossbar, as in the case with Klyuev. But such chances spectators received as rare as Africans ? rain in the days of drought. By the way, about the Africans. One of them, Dynamo Senegalese Pascal Mendy, arranged at halftime master class for the boys from Yaroslavl school football. He showed how to handle the ball, not alone but together with them. It should be noted, the guys kept adequately When fifteen minutes before the end Karpenko second time disturbed Dynamo frame of the goal, the team suddenly upped the tempo ? especially zealous owners. The fans remained in suspense until the last seconds ? output perhaps one-on-one with Berezovsky was interrupted by the referee, which recorded the end of the match. A few players rushed to the Sukhin with the requirement to show the stopwatch. But judging by their further reaction, the referee was right.It is worth mentioning one extraordinary event, maybe the Russian record. Between 82nd and 85th minutes the referee Sukhina every sixty seconds took out a yellow card. By the way, though the judges Dynamo for the fifth time (out of five!) remained without a victory, and Yaroslavl in the third (of three) is not lost. Thanks to the draw continued teams and two long series: "Shinnik" don't lose at home 20 matches, and the Dynamo ? eight. All were at their.Statisticsin (Yaroslavl) ? Dynamo (Moscow) ? 0:0.Shinnik: Stanev ? 6,0, Fuzaylov ? 6,0, Shevchuk ? 6,0, culici ? 5,5, Fats ? 5,5, Vasiliev ? 5,5, Skokov (K) ? 5,0, ruby ? 5,5 (Karpenko, 74 ? 6,0), Klyuev ? 6,0, Kushev ? 5,0 (Dubinsky, 61 ? 5,0), Kuhar ? a 5.0.Dynamo: Berezovsky ? 6,0, Kovalenko ? 5,5, Tochilin (K) ? 5,5 (Vukomanovic, 76 ? b/o), Haneke ? 6,0, Batak ? 6,0, Tanasijevic ? 6,0, Grishin ? 5,5, baltiyev ? 5,5, Bulykin ? 6,0, Koroman ? 5,5 (Khazov, 75 ? b/o), Cesnauskas ? 5,5.Player of the match: Jovan Tanasijevic ("Dynamo").Punishment: Kushev, 35 ? rough game, Fuzaylov, 82 ? rough game, Grishin, 83 ? rough game, Tanasijevic, 84 ? rough game, ДЌesnauskis, 85 ? the game at hand ? warning.Referees: S. Fursa (St. Petersburg), V. Bulygin (Volgograd), V. Brain (Ryazan).Inspector E. paint (Azov).19 April. Yaroslavl. Stadium "Shinnik". 14 000 spectators. 15 degrees. Sunny. The ticket price is 20?70 rubles. Match time: 92.36 (1st half: 45.26, 2nd half: 47.10).Shots on goal: 11-9; of them on target: 6-2; from outside the penalty: 5-6; penalty: 6-3; rod: 1-1; rail: 1-0; corner: 7-1; offsides: 4-3; fouls: 24-36.Match doubles: 2:0 (Radosavljevic, Lesenok).Direct recipefree the coaches of the teams agreed on one thing: fight on the field was much more than football.Alexander POBELOV, head coach of FC Shinnik:? The football that we saw was more like butting. Our players are lighter, but we are not lost to Dynamo. However, in the elements of football we be overdoing it could not, hence the outcome of the match. It is very difficult to assess the game in which all time is fight, fight, fight... For your dedication, for your dedication I am grateful to the guys. But we lacked a bit somewhere skill, somewhere luck somewhere else for something.Viktor PROKOPENKO, head coach of "Dinamo":? I assumed that in such a difficult field a bit can be done. We felt it by another training session the day before. The game was only good that kept the audience in suspense. The scales ranged in one direction and then in the other direction.? You surprised everyone by replacing Tochilin.? Tochilin gave a lot of the fight for the ball, and it lacked any constructive action in the attack. And when his strength left him, he began to lose the fight, so we replaced him. As for Karamana, it is possible to say that he stepped up our game, I can't. I was hoping that Serbian footballer will play more interesting..

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