Real Leopard

Real LeopardIf we all played football for prizes and places in the standings, the transformation of the favorite Hobbies of the planet in the likeness of computer games would have happened much earlier period, which already comes with the inevitability of sunrise (or better to say - pass) of the sun. But exceptions occur. Barcelona have lost almost all tournament incentives (except for the nasty - save from relegation, which, however, still seems unreal), had a brilliant match in the main lair of the enemy on the Madrid stadium Santiago Bernabeu. The draw has been more like a gift for the leader of the championship of Spain than evidence of the competitiveness of its rival, lagging in table 24(!) points.For the whole match never remembered that rack up not playing Saviola. And it's not bad for the Argentine. Just became this season one of the team leaders 'Rabbit' blue garnet found something to compete with the 'real'. And after all, to select in the 'Barca' nobody - and do not want. Was on 'Santiago Bernabeu' command. Then there are teams out there, of course, was two. But in the presence of one of them and doubt could not be. Instead of the latter many were waiting for the usual lately football sluggish mass with a faded label 'Barcelona'. However, Classico, seniors, the routine does not accept. Blue garnet't just have one of the best matches in the season. It turned out that by playing this most their best football, they are not weaker - at least - his main rival. Yes, just like that! Not of Hispaniola with recreative and not even depari, the opponents 'Barca' is 'real'. To prevent him to become a champion - by itself, to score points or points - this is somewhere on the side, the main thing is to play with 'real' is 100, if you want, 120 percent. Turned out to be. And the goal scored by the hosts in their first dangerous attack, little changed. Makelele, Raul and Ronaldo delivered the ball from the center circle to mesh almost the shortest distance, everything was done great, although vague replays and left the question: was the Brazilian offside?.. And what's the difference? If 'Barcelona' was something to respond to. And especially if she responded. Guests were pressed at 0:1 as in the beginning of the meeting, and their goal was not only equally stylish in execution, but more just by nature of the game. Overmars found on the flank of the place and time to pass, Kluivert struck his head is almost certainly cool and save Casillas nullified Sorin and Luis Enrique. The latter, as usual, it was hard to play on 'Santiago Bernabeu', not forgetting the fact that seven years ago, the current captain blue garnet has committed a crime, succeeding one great sign to another sign. It was hard to Luis Enrique because he spent the first match in the starting lineup after injury, and was forced to play different positions. But he was a part of, element of the real, amazing team, which came on the eve of Easter in Madrid.This team, the game was taken from the 'Santiago Bernabeu' not one, but three points. However, that's not bad. The intrigue of the title race heated, funerals 'Barcelona' became impossible because of the reluctance to arrive at the scene of these 'dead'. Yes and anticipation of developments in the Champions League from entrancing turned into swarupananda.Flashed the thought: did not prepare in any 'real' defensive game that almost certainly it will have to next Wednesday in Manchester? If prepared, it is not the best way. Actually, the fact seems sacrilege. To paraphrase the English proverb about cheap things, we can say: the 'real' too rich to afford the luxury to vary the strategy. The football that we saw in the exercise of the Royal club a week and a half ago, it would have worked on 'old Trafford'. Best defense - she's what, remember? But their case. Like do not break in San Sebastian and give a chance to improve the reputation of 'Barcelona' health. And 'Leopard' used their chance. 'Juventus', not winning the first quarterfinal match, still until this Saturday remained in the eyes of most favorite pair. Now, at least, the Catalans equal. In any case, another two Classico - like last year - is possible. And frankly, now I really want them to take place. Many things still need to check.Alexander Smirnov.

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