Ilya Bliznyuk: Winning The Russian Cup? Quite really

Ilya Bliznyuk: Winning The Russian Cup? Quite really- Rostov - only club until losing in the championship single match. The club, which last year - albeit under a different name - barely survived in the Premier League. What is the secret of metamorphosis? - question Ilya Bliznyuk.- Coaches have managed to emancipate the team, to tell us that we can do many things. And we believed in ourselves. This is, perhaps, one of the main factors of success.- And when, in your opinion, came the turning point in the mood?- In Khimki, where we held the Cup quarter-finals. The field was unimportant, the conditions of the match - complex, the opponent is extremely motivated. But we managed to achieve the desired result and pass to the semifinals. It was very nice. Each said to himself: I can if you want! However, still the game of the 1st round with torpedo showed that we gain confidence. May we not managed to win in Moscow, but showed a high class football, convinced of the potential of the team.- In the defense of "Rostov" practicing zone method, involving the utmost teamwork and a mutual understanding of partners. And you usually come out on the field of Ukrainian Datsenko, Russian, Ragoczy, the South Africa Booth and the Serb Kruscic. As you understand each other? No problem. Kruscic Russian spoken mastered better of us. And with booth we understand each other. What language we speak?- On explosive mixture of Russian and English. Booth teaches Russian, much has already understands and something to say. And I was his appearance in the team was forced to study intensively in English. Vocabulary now is enough to interact on the field.- And who are the players of the defense of "Rostov" is in the command key figure?- Our trump card is, perhaps, still teamwork. But the class had assembled a team of players is very high. Otherwise, we would have a much harder: and the "zone" would be longer taught, and mistakes are made more often, and would have played not so bright.- Many attribute the rise of "growth" with the advent of the command group of Africans. Your opinion on this subject?- Kampamba Booth and greatly helped the team last year. With their emergence, the team became stronger. And those Africans who came this year, it was easier to join the team. They were already the beaten path. For them "played" reputation, earned the team their two predecessors.- Everything began, as far as I know, with a rather suspicious relation to African foreign players? Yes.- And how they managed to break that barrier?- Game. We go out on the field not drive a ball, and to win and to earn money. All together, not individually. If you see that person helps that it's any good, who cares where he came from? Yes, even from Guadeloupe will come if only he knew how to play! And Africans are, without doubt, can. Great players.- And who are these guys?- Most gay guys. Booth of them the most sociable. Good sense of humor and generally a great guy. The black Legionnaires with Russian worse?" Mate swearing absolutely everything - they caught on fast. With other words, much worse. Well just played well.- Many teams to create cohesion in the team practice collaborative outings with their wives and children. According to Russian tradition calls for a barbecue, soup, crawfish, beer, wine... In "Chicago" like this happen?- Last year all the staff went to the left Bank of the don. Rest as necessary. It really helps. Now while it's cold, but when warm, definitely go again, get some rest, we'll talk.- Africans are aware of what the left Bank of the don?- ... They quickly enlightened. And about the famous beach told me and about Rostov-dad, and about don with his Cossacks.- Are you Ukrainian, at one time played for FC Dynamo Kyiv. But it seems that his football find happiness after moving to Russia.- Let me clarify: in Rostov I'm enjoying a second youth football. And and before coming to the don had something to remember. Played - and, I think, very well in Dnepropetrovsk, for example.- A few years ago you almost ended his career, receiving a serious injury.- Even two. Rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee - with this diagnosis in the sport return unit. Missed a year and a half. Surgery treatment in Kiev. Grateful to the local doctors that put me on my feet. And, of course, the family helped. Wife supported as they could.- The euphoria from the fact that after the black stripe came a bright, do not experience?- No.

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