Stefan Effenberg no doubt in the output of real Madrid in the Champions League final

Stefan Effenberg no doubt in the output of real Madrid in the Champions League finalAnd a few days later after superpotency real Madrid - Manchester United, decorating the quarterfinal round of the Champions League, the match between the giants of European football continues to be the center of attention not only football fans, but also of the masters of the game in a leather ball. Your thoughts about the duel "Royal club" with Alex on the pages of the German electronic publications divided former captain of Bayern Munich Stefan Effenberg that led his teammates in 2001 to victory in the most prestigious European Cup. "They proved that "real" is more than just a collection of outstanding players, writes Effenberg, it's obvious to me that this team will be defending his title in the Champions League final. As for man UTD, they have disappointed me greatly. They are not the same as they were in 1999".One of the most charismatic figures of German football criticized no less charismatic personality of English football. "I am most disappointed Beckham - admits a former leader of the Munich club, in order to claim victory in the games of this level, it needs to assume the role of leader. But in the Champions League he still fails. I can not claim that United have finally said goodbye to the dream of the Champions League final, but I think real Madrid will be able to defend their advantage gained in the first match. My loss in Porto will help prediction is that they go into the final match, where they will face one of the Milan clubs. And AC Milan and inter are in a position to reach the Champions League final"..

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