Gusev: CSKA 22 irreplaceable player

Gusev: CSKA 22 irreplaceable playerAll the compliments on the topic "If you CSKA lose, does this not speak of your irreplaceable?" Rolan Gusev rejected, not wanting to see themselves in the image of the hero-Savior.? We have a team of 22 players and each one is irreplaceable ? said Gusev. - The road is long tournament, now someone's going to shoot someone ? later, but their contribution to the result you're done.? That is, with your lack defeat CSKA from Rostov link?? What do you mean?! Of course not! Just attacked't our lucky day.? But it was a penalty, unlike Danny, Gusev would definitely scored-? This is also a controversial issue. As a player for penalties I would like to point certainly has come, but that would have scored In the super Cup match they have failed.? Playing Solomatina, your replacement at right halfback, surely particularly carefully watched?? Yes no. Some attention to person Solomatina was not (smiling). As for the game, then, I believe that Andrew played well. Again, just us in the match with Rostov no luck.? Roland in General, in your opinion, teams in the Russian Premier League have players who can be considered "essential"? Ovchinnikov, Titov-? Irreplaceable - it loudly. You mentioned the players play in their teams a huge role, but that is irreplaceable is, perhaps, too..

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