Written Manchester, read Liverpool

Written Manchester, read LiverpoolA phrase from a famous anecdote in the title associated with English football. Naturally, I do not mean "sameness", "MU" and "Leaver" who - who are they completely different, and texturemode these commands with the very notion of "English football". I say "football in England", and that immediately come to mind two great club Manchester United" and "Liverpool", "Liverpool" and "Manchester United". Between two of the greatest of English clubs says a lot. And, perhaps, this will be talked about for a long time. Despite this, each time the game two supergiants is considered in a particular context, and every time this same context gives it a certain charm.In this season the teams have met twice in the League and in the League Cup final. They won once; paradoxically, on Saturday at old Trafford both teams will come out with thoughts of revenge. Revenge "MJ" on the surface; the team wants to justify himself in front of the fans for being "dared" to give the League Cup eternal rivals. Revenge "Liverpool" has a deep stratum and psychological underpinnings. Season for liverpudlians lost. And irrevocably. Team long before the end of the championship of England lost his chance of winning the title of best club in the country, and now hopes only on winning a place in the Champions League, which is also not happening. With the high budget and a wonderful selection of players that Liverpool's nonsense, a disaster. When the team finished behind Arsenal and Manchester United fans reluctantly to accept it as unpleasant, but the reality is now a game and a place in the standings club is not included in any frame. The season really bad and pathetic in this situation, the League Cup is intended only to sweeten the bitter pill of global destruction. Did not work out at Liverpool and in European competitions. The departure from the Champions League, and then from the UEFA Cup to someone may seem a bad dream, but in reality is a harsh reality. Moreover, the recent departure of the second European tournament was more horrible by the fact that Liverpool lost to bitter rivals from the Scottish "Celtic" in the "battle of Britain".It seemed all the worse. But the charges of the French coach Gerard Houllier still have a chance though to justify themselves in front of their fans. They must be able to perform the feat and beat on "old Trafford" their enemies from Manchester. Thereby, Liverpool will put the bandwagon of "MU" in the fight for the title, and with heads held high will return to his hometown. To do this, "Liverpool" will be extremely difficult. The team now has little to offer to Manchester United, except that a successful statistics. Over the last few years, Manchester United have never managed to take away from Liverpool 6 points in one season. Liverpool have another trump card - the goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek. The pole holds a grudge against Manchester United after the first leg. Then, due to blunders by the visitors scored two goals and won a major victory. That game was worth the Dudek place in the first team, which he returned only after the injury of Chris Kirkland. In the League Cup final Dudek went on the field with determination to prove that the match in Liverpool was an accident. Polish goalkeeper brilliantly managed to do it; for the definitions of Gerard Houllier, Dudek played their best game of the season.And what about the "MU"? The team of sir Alex Ferguson expects a hell of a month. Games in the League with Liverpool, Newcastle and Arsenal, where each misfire could cost her the title, and two daunting match with real Madrid in the Champions League. Moreover, the priority of the tournament "MJ" no, as a great club Manchester United want to win everything and win always. Only modern football proves the opposite. A famous proverb says, "For two hares chase, catch neither", the correctness of which is brilliantly demonstrated in last year real Madrid."Royal club" in the year of its centenary wanted to win every possible title, but have not succeeded. However "hares" were three, and "creamy" managed to pick up one and the bold - the Champions League. But the League and the Spanish Cup were irretrievably lost, and the season turned out to be lubricated. To be fair, the "Manchester United" once denied the veracity of the above. In 1999, the team won three titles, including the championship, proving that winning the British spirit can't be broken.This year to do everything will be much more difficult, but as you know, "he Who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne", and man UTD to it for liquor this drink two Cups..

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