The analysis spans. Who played in Shkodra

The analysis spans. Who played in ShkodraRetrobyte characterized by monumental game of Sergei Ovchinnikov this time hardly fit in the range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Taken penalty; a couple of decent saves, a goal of "his", near corner (Lala, 2:1); the ball dropped right foot on the opponent (Container, 3:1).Boromarajonani new combination of Ignashevich - Nizhegorodov - A. Berezutski like the worst: no individual action of each of the players individually, neither the overall level of teamwork and safety net, nor the degree and quality of participation defenders in the creative action (too much gear shots) not be called satisfactory. Error Ignashevich and Nizhegorodov were extremely amazing, Alexei Berezutsky - alas, predictable, this is not the defender of the national team.After receiving a yellow card already for 15 minutes, Berezutski later looked on the football field, both on the battlefield looks soldiers with the last bullet in the chamber. Really wanted to help partners, but was wary of "shoot": each following a foul could result in the removal, and to take away the ball without breaking the rules Berezutski poorly trained. His sloppy selection has led to a dangerous penalty on 32 minutes. But surely it was the second goal: breakthrough Lala Berezutski habitually wanted was to stop the game to the bone, but at the last moment thought better of it, removed the leg and allowed the Albanian tete-a-tete with Ovchinnikov.Was flameretardant as much as the game defenders. Gusev outright lost the right flank muratie (tribune poster referred to him as "Balkan Maradona", but it was just muratie), recording a liability another important match. Acting debutant left Tochilin during the allotted 45 minutes meant diligence in rough work, but did not issue a single chamber or something standing in the aisle. Replacement Karyaka on 77 minutes, scored a goal, a fine shot into the far corner giving the completeness of the combination, which began Semak and Loskov. And - all: the rest Karyaka confirmed the thesis that it is not yet in form. The thesis is obvious to all who saw the starting matches "Wings of the Soviets" in the championship (saw them Gazaev?). So the rejection of the call to the collection is able to enrich the game on the flanks Evseeva, Arshavin and Izmailov from controversial has become ridiculous.Average lineadmin and Smertin spent the best matches for the national team ("rice" attacks partners by and large failed, brake Albanian - only partly), and yet below a certain level both came down. The selection Aldonin on another side was preceded by the goal Karachi. The most adequate assessment of the game Loskov will be the same - medium: two good passes against the Albanian defense to Karaku (second resulted in a goal, the first one not) with generally low speed and high scrap rates. The mission Janowski has remained unsolved: he changed more skillful Smertin when the Russian team needed to score. Not to mention the fact that finding on-field player with such a modest technical equipment always lead to trouble: the second goal started with the fact that Yanovsky failed in their half of the fine to play the ball to a teammate.Nadenicek - whether too high was his share of the marriage, and too low coefficient of exacerbations. Beschastnykh - without evaluation. Kerzhakov is more good than bad. In conditions of high density of defense and lack of gear, Zenit player in his characteristic vein was trying to squeeze the most out of situations and did not so little. Nearly perfect in execution there were episodes in the 42nd minute when Kerzhakov wrenched on two defenders, heel the ball rolled Tochilin at a good impact position, and at 61, when dynamically rushing along on Kerzhakov before firing a shot just over the crossbar. Almost-Dmitry NAVOSA.

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