Shinnik - locomotive: match review

Shinnik - locomotive: match reviewIn the first match of Sunday's third round of the Russian Premier League met ambitious "Shinnik" and while that started poorly this season Lokomotiv Moscow. The game started quite vividly with mutual attacks from both teams. From time to time of the attack as "Shinnik", and railway workers were not fraught with real threats until the 36th minute of the match midfielder Yaroslavtsev Martin Kushev not ventured far shot. The ball is sent from 26 yards flew over the head of goalkeeper "Loco" of Plato Zakharchuk."Shinnik" led, but such developments naturally not satisfied with the Champions of the country, and they went forward. Despite this, all of their attacks have had the final phase, since the hosts are very well built their defensive redoubts. When the score was 1-0 in favor of "Shinnik" the team went on hiatus.In the second half both teams are conducted with multiple substitutions, in particular the owners appears Kuchinov, and the railroad instead of the young striker Ovchinnikov out Julio Cesar. The first goal is "Shinnik" appeared in the 60th minute of the second half with the direct participation of Julio Cesar, but the shot is reflected Radostin Sanew. In response to the attack was able to score for the citizens, but the header of the same Kusheva flies grinding in the goal post.In the 69th minute for a professional foul is sent off the defender of "Locomotive" Vadim Evseev. It seemed, in this situation, the owners would have driven it started to its logical end. But it was not there: in the 79th minute after a corner, submitted by the railroad, the ball bounced to Mnguni, which from afar and sent the ball into the net. In the future all the attacks of the "Locomotive" to snatch victory was not successful. The match ended in a peaceful outcome..

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