Semak will give fans an example of gentlemanly behavior

Semak will give fans an example of gentlemanly behaviorCSKA captain Sergei Semak noted that in the upcoming game players, it will be important to abide by a gentleman's code of conduct.? Of course, the fight against "Spartak" will be fundamental for us, here and have nothing to hide, ? says Semak. ? If you take the statistics of relations between the clubs, the red - whites have the advantage. However, last year we performed in-person meetings more successful. Given these factors, it is impossible to name the favourites in this match, neither us nor the Spartacists.? Army compilations headed by Valeriy Gazzaev after the defeat of the Albanians certainly go into the game with Spartak not in the best mental condition? The outcome of the match in Shkodra really upset us. But we will not let the game affect Sunday's confrontation. You can in fact look at the Albanian failure on the other hand: she instilled in us the passion, awaken the desire to be rehabilitated. Such is the profession of player ? to live the encounter, not black memories.? What can you say about your opponent ? the captain of the red-white Yegor Titova?? Egor ? one of the best players of the championship of the country in recent years. Unfortunately, his recovery after a serious injury is somewhat delayed. But now all is in order: 120 minutes in a recent match against Saturn's important confirmation of the fact. The most important of the game merits Titova are its excellent quality control. In addition, it is, as they say, knock-in, for what it's role is very important. And, of course, it should be noted that Egor virtually no equal in combination play.? When was the last time I communicated with Titov?? Long ago I believe it was last fall. We met informally and talked in his pleasure. And in General on the football field treat each other with respect.? Another important factor is the interest of the audience for the upcoming match? I as a soldier it is nice that the fans of CSKA in the last two games was more than Spartak. I hope that the picture again and this time. By the way, I would like to ask the fans of both teams to be decently ? we, the players, are too worried about them. So Sunday will try to give them the example of gentlemanly behavior.Roman Lanovenko.

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