Alfredo Di Stefano about the historical rivalry between real Madrid and Manchester United

Alfredo Di Stefano about the historical rivalry between real Madrid and Manchester UnitedThe legendary Alfredo Di Stefano believes that the upcoming battle between real Madrid and Manchester United in the Champions League will make another memorable Chapter in the history of both clubs."We really talking about the historical confrontation between the two clubs, which have a significant impact on each other in a long time," said Di Stefano in an interview with Reuters.Di Stefano, who shone, playing for real Madrid in the period when the Royal club five times in a row won the European Cup in Europe from 1956 to gg, last week was in Manchester, where he transported the Champions League trophy. Recall that this year it is on "old Trafford will host the finals of the most prestigious club competition.When the draw real Madrid and Manchester United in the quarterfinals, many were upset. The prospect of the final at old Trafford between these two great teams was seen by many as an ideal.Now, before the upcoming matches, Di Stefano recalls the first match between the teams, which took place about half a century ago.Remembering 50 years of the domination of the "real" in Europe, Di Stefano with great love remembers the team of Matt Busby, many of whose members were killed in a plane crash in Munich in 1958.Matt Busby had created a team that was supposed to call "the real" - the first winner of the Champions Cup."Real Madrid won the first European Cup in 1956 and met Manchester United in the semi-finals the following season. Madrid won 3-1, and Di Stefano scored the second goal in the first leg. In Manchester the teams drew 2-2, and real Madrid reached the final, where a month later beat Fiorentina.Di Stefano, who turns 77 years old in July, finds many similarities with the current "star" teams and teams that Golden era, which still retains its special place in football history."I think that's worth a lot that people still remember the matches that took place so long ago. It is people who make history as you want. We had the good fortune to play with them in the Champions Cup and friendly matches for many years, and now fate has brought leading clubs in their countries against each other."""United took revenge for the defeat 1957, beating real Madrid after two meetings with the score 4-3 in the semi-final in 1968. Then in the final Manchester United beat Benfica. In the "Alex" at that time shone Denis law, George best and Bobby Charlton, though Lowe's has not played in the final of 1968 because of an injury.Indeed, the stars played a special role in the victories of their teams in those Golden years. Di Stefano was the inspiration in five finals of the "real" from 1956 to 1960, scored a hat-trick in last against Frankfurt Eintracht. Then real Madrid won with a score of 7-3.He is confident that the current stars of the club, such as Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Carlos and Luis Figo, is proud to continue the tradition of "real" and emphasize the importance of the individual and in the new era."Real Madrid always tried to keep its own traditions, and the current team also stands on the foundations that we laid in my time," he says."This is a continuation of our triumphs, which began in the 1950s. Good players find themselves everywhere. I've never heard a good player does not fit into a good team; and, speaking of Real Madrid and Manchester United, we are dealing with teams that not much has changed over these many years. When we played in the 50's, both teams had a lot of players who can win matches single-handedly. Now, in 2003, we can look at two teams and confidently say the same thing. To compare individuals present and those who played in the 50s, dangerous, however, the basic principle remains unchanged."Di Stefano, whom many still consider one of the greatest players of all time, added that sees 50: 50, the chances of the teams."Both teams know the history of each other, but the only thing I can guarantee is that both games will be amazing".Former striker "MU" Denis law, who recently said that Manchester United will fight for the European title in the next 50 years", also laments the blind draw that brought the two European heavyweights together in the quarterfinals."It's a shame that we've been drawn against each other," says 63-year-old Scot, "Final at old Trafford between "real" and "Manchester United" would be ideal, but it was not to happen. A little bit of luck can decide the outcome of the match, but I believe that those who pass on, will win the tournament".And indeed, it happened every time real Madrid and Manchester United are met together. In 1957 real Madrid beat Manchester United and subsequently won the Champions Cup, "Manchester" back in 1968, in 2000, the "real" continued the tradition, have beaten England in the quarterfinals and won his eighth title of club champion of Europe.How will be this time? To wait too long....

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