The Championship Of Russia. About the officiating

The Championship Of Russia. About the officiatingA few days ago, Sergei Yuran, which became the guest of the TV show "Night flight", raised the issue of match-fixing. More precisely, touched her master, and Juran with his characteristic candor expressed."Approximately forty percent of the Russian championship matches - negotiable, " said well-known in the recent past forward. - Someone achieves the desired result for the money, some for tournament points". "Really and podium places are allocated through backroom negotiations? - surprised presenter. "Five or six leading teams prefer to not agree with rivals, and with the judges," replied Juran.In most countries with a developed legal system such statements immediately become the subject of considerable litigation in the highest football and law enforcement circles. But not in Russia. Why is a separate issue, but the fact remains. Of blatant lawlessness and related refereeing bessvatnet already knew everything. Now about this openly stated from the TV screen and on the post-match press conferences. And in response - silence.And you ought to happen next after reports Yurana tour "gave" us the next judicial scandal! Referee Valentin Ivanov in the match CSKA - Spartak appointed one of those penalties, which is considered to be a controversial opinion about its validity dispersed even the leading in the past, Russian arbitrators.Not going to say something specific and someone to blame something reprehensible - no evidence. But do not match the words Yurana with this unfortunate episode would be naive. The most important game account slippery, ambiguous situation... Pushed Lee Semak defender? Did Abramidze armeec a wedgie or got ahold of them after the push, to not fall? Maybe we shouldn't have to Ivanov to appoint such a penalty, so as not to inflame passions? What if the judge was absolutely sure of the correctness and all the accusations against him - a vicious lie?Guess as much as anything - we are with you. But high officials seized completely useless. They are required quite another to take action upon specific allegations Sergei Yuran even Andrew Chervichenko, who accused the Russian football in corruption, and the judiciary - in the venality and depending on the RFU leadership. The video of their performances seen half the country - isn't that enough to start criminal, administrative, job - Yes anything! - investigation?I bet nothing like this will be in sight. Vyacheslav Koloskov already sent Andrew Chervichenko nice example of the epistolary genre in a series of "I am", the status of the other stakeholders in this issue of individuals can be described as "lethargy". And although the law allows on the basis of the video recording to initiate at least check the facts, who will remain standing in place. Because in the murky waters of our legislation decided not to catch all the "boxes of copier", and only those that are profitable at the moment.I am sure that will not stand up for their honor and dignity and the referee Valentin Ivanov. And our major football referee Nikolay Levnikov once again "hesitate" to demand an apology for allegedly unjustly accused of corruption in the judiciary. (At one time also bashfully was hushed up the scandal with beating in Makhachkala one of the highest officials of Dagestan suffering arbitrator Chebotarev.)Too much stuck our football in the shadow swamp. And the most annoying thing to get him out, unfortunately, no one is going.Eugene ZYCZKOWSKI.

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